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Crazy Club Information

Welcome to Crazy Club!

Since we don’t have an actual website, I’ll use my blog site to post some guild information here. Please take the time to read through this. It’s not that long.

General Rules

1) Have fun! Remember everyone’s definition of fun is different and that’s OK. Just remember that others might see it differently.

2) Be considerate! Everyone will be at a different level in skill, gear, and ability. Sollenni may be the “Great and Powerful Oz!” of our group, but she’s no more important than the player that just started learning to play WoW last week.

3) Contribute! Don’t expect to receive a free handout and ride through every quest you have. We all will help, but help is expected in return. Everyone has things they need to do and the Level 70s can’t be expected to help someone every step of the way.

4) Loyalty! We want to create a tight knit group of people who enjoy playing together. We hope to grow the guild enough to run 25 man instances. We’re not looking to have hundreds of people. There will be no limit to those who would like to join, but smaller numbers creates a more together atmosphere.

5) Honesty! To help create loyalty, please be open and honest with your fellow guild officers. Bring concerns and questions up to them. We hope this will aid in avoiding guild drama which is bound to happen from time to time. If you are affected or involved with guild drama, please remember that everyone has a bad day and approach it with an open mind.


Please download and utilize the following add-ons. These can be found on various sites, but I generally use Curse.com:

1) Omen Threat Meter or Omen2 – KLH was compatible before 2.4. I haven’t looked to see if it is anymore. If it is, please feel free to use it. I personally have never used KLH. This is only required if you will be running instances or raids. Anyone not familiar with this add-on should still install it and become familiar with how to use it.

2) Group Calendar – We will use this for help in setting up raids, instances, quest help, and other things we see fit.

For those that will be raiding, I highly recommend downloading Deadly Boss Mods. This add-on will give you warnings in the boss fights and it is definitely handy in preparing for potential wipes. If not that one, find another.

Preparing for Karazhan

Currently we are just getting started in building our guild. At last count I believe we potentially have 6 people that can commit to a regular raiding schedule. We have a few more people that can get to 70 probably within the next few weeks with our assistance. By the end of the week, we should have 9 total 70s, not including level 70 alts.

Some of you need more gear to get to Karazhan. Please use Be Imba! to assist you in tweaking your toon. This site is useful in helping you prepare for Karazhan.

Also use the Armory to look for potential upgrades to your gear. Look for quest items and attainable instance items first. Use the calendar to help set up a run for you. Please look for interim gear. We all know we want gear that’s outside our reach. Getting the interim gear even if it’s a small upgrade will help you get there.

I’ve finally maxed my enchanting. I do not have every enchant, but will be willing to enchant most level 70s gear. If you’ve not obtained level 70, I’ll give you some of the cheaper enchants. You’ll probably be getting an upgrade soon, so best not to use the mats on the expensive enchants. But remember, even a crappy enchant is better than nothing. Enchant your gear!

And finally we need a holy priest and could definitely use a rogue. Although we would love to find one that is already geared, since we need to upgrade some of you and potentially level some of you to get into Kara, feel free to suggest anyone that is close to 70 and we will help them get ready with you.

Remember although there may be ranks in this guild like any other, it is YOUR GUILD! No one stands above anyone else. We all contribute whether we’re the worst Healer, best DPS, or mediocre Tank. We succeed together and we fail together, but we’re together!

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