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Crazy Club: Raid Rules

Raid Rules

Before even going into the Raid Rules, I want to express my excitement that it appears we finally have enough people in the guild to really start raiding Kara. Please remember that several of us have Kara experience and are used to progressing with relative ease through the trash mobs. Only three weeks ago, at least four of us were privy to a group that downed the first 5 bosses in less than 3 hours. It would have been less except for 2 wipes on Moroes that were extremely stupid mistakes.

So for those of us with experience, please know and understand that we have several new people that have no Kara experience and are slightly undergeared or just barely there. Initial goings will more than likely be difficult, frustrating, and potentially costly in repairs, pots, buffs, etc. I not only ask for those with more experience to be patient, but I ask those of you that will find it more difficult to have patience with yourselves. We’re all in this together. We succeed together and we fail together.

As part of this mindset, all of us who go on the raid together will end it together. For those who are less geared, you may be asked to leave to allow another to come in. Once you start, unless there’s no hope of proceeding, we will continue together. You will not arbitrarily be asked to leave. Again, we succeed together and we fail together. Officers, this will be done in whispers to the person being asked.

Raid Schedule

Current designs for the raiding schedule are to raid Karazhan as often as possible until we have it on farm. This means that if we have enough people we will attempt to raid Kara every evening for at least a couple of hours. Most nights this will mean 1-2 bosses. On Friday evenings we will discuss raiding times for the weekend and adjust accordingly to accommodate the majority.

If a majority of the guild is prepared to raid Kara on any given day, but the group is not complete it will be up to those involved whether they wish to PUG the remaining slots. If your spot is filled because you are late, we will not dismiss a PUG member. Be on time!

On time means:

• When the raid is called for 6:00pm server time; be ready.
• Have on hand a sufficient amount of elixirs, flasks, pots, food buffs, food/water (you never know when we might not have that mage handy), reagents (for whatever reason it appears that warlocks have the hardest time with this), etc. I carry 300 Symbol of Kings on me at the start of a raid. Overkill? Yes, but I’ve been in raids where 2-3 people die each pull and re-buffing after has gotten me down to 100 before. This is an extreme, but I’m ready for it. Know what you need and be prepared!
• If you aren’t sure you’ll be selected for tonight’s raid, be prepared as if you were.
• There will always be one reason or another someone’s slightly late. Help out by heading to the meeting stone a little early and begin summons.
• Being late could result in being replaced. Replacement will be based on whether or not another can fill the need of the group. Obviously we can’t replace a healer with a mage, or vice versa. See Group Selection below.

Group Selection

Groups will be selected based on the following criteria for Karazhan:

• Tanks: 2
• Healers: 2
• CC: 2 for Karazhan. Because of the undead a combination of priests and hunters will be used.
• DPS: 4 – whenever possible this will consist of at least a warlock, warrior, and mage, but DPS is the most flexible here and therefore most important that you guys are on time.

Currently we have only 2 tanks and 2 healers in the guild. This means that for each Kara run, we will be required and pretty much guaranteed to go. Because of the larger number of DPS in the guild, at times some of you may have to sit out. As we progress through Kara’s content and gear is acquired, we will ask you to volunteer to sit out on certain bosses you’ve already acquired gear for to allow another the chance to get a drop.

To illustrate this point, I will opt out of the Shade encounter for another given that Sollenni feels up to healing that encounter in my stead. There is no tanking on Shade and her tanking skills there will not be required. I still need a drop from him, but I’d rather someone with more of a need get a drop now and I can wait until later. Large upgrades benefit the group more than a minor upgrade for me.

Please keep this in mind when you are rolling for an upgrade that someone else may profit from a whole lot more. An additional 10 points of damage for you is a lot less effective for the group than having another get a 40 point increase. Remember if they get better, next week’s run is made a whole lot easier for you to get that upgrade or another. That said if you need it you will not be stopped from rolling on any item regardless if someone needs it more. See Loot Rules below.

Loot Rules

We do not currently use the DKP loot system. Once we get into 25 man raid content we may look at DKP. Fewer drops per person on the 25 man raid content may make it harder for you to get the gear you are looking for. As such, DKP may be fairer.

Currently we follow a system based on need. Need will be determined by Spec, Off-Spec, and Disenchant. Those whose item is clearly for their spec will be allowed to roll. Should none roll the need passes to those with off-spec capacity. Should everyone pass then the Loot Master will pass it to someone who can disenchant the item and everyone will roll for the shard or crystal.

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