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Crazy Club: Recruiting Policy

Recruiting Policy

We are always on the lookout for potential new members for our guild. I firmly believe that the majority of those future members will come from contacts you make. Remember this is YOUR guild. Someone with rank doesn’t make them any more important in the guild than the newest Initiate. Although invitation rights are limited to the Officers, this is only to help control our numbers.

It’s going to be time consuming enough helping those not yet 70 to reach 70, gear up, run Kara, and still do all the other daily quests, heroic instances, etc. for our own needs. Inviting en masse will not be the solution now. However, if you strongly feel someone would be a great addition to our guild and don’t want to lose them to another, please let an Officer know.

Here is where those of us who set up the guild currently see the direction we’re headed. We want this guild to be a group of people and friends who enjoy hanging out, questing, raiding, and playing together. Large guilds have a tendency to have large turnover rates, due to drama, lack of opportunities raiding, etc. We’d rather have a small guild with loyal players and where everyone has an opportunity to do what they’d like to do while helping others do the same.

In general, we want to see as much end-game content as possible before the new expansion comes out, which supposedly is by the end of the year. Although seeing Black Temple and Mt. Hyjal are probably beyond our reach in that time frame, we are still shooting for it.

We eventually would like to get two Kara groups going and potentially a third. After Kara will come Zul’Aman and the 25 man raid content. In order to do that we’ll definitely need t least 30 people to raid the higher end content. We need to do this in controlled steps.

First, we’d like to gear up all current members to the point where they can run Kara with relative ease. At that time we’ll shift group make up around and recruit others to gear up while running two Kara groups or possibly three. During that time, we’ll also begin Zul’Aman for those that are ready. With each step we’ll increase our numbers until we’re finally ready for the 25 man content.

Here is the list of classes/specs we are actively recruiting:

[04/25/2008: Currently not recruiting new members]

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