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Guild Mergers: Update

So I spent a few minutes talking to the members of this other guild. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Doesn’t bother them if alts, low levels, non-raiders, etc. are in the guild.
  • They currently have 6 members. Although they seemed to forget one because of a crazy work schedule right now that keeps him away.
  • They seem to be excited about the prospect of having us and our mutual friend come aboard. They also expect he will be bringing more of his low-geared buddies he’s found along the way.
  • They admit they don’t know how to manage a guild and are making it up as they go along.
  • They have experience in some areas, but admitted that they don’t have experience everywhere.
  • Our officers will have officer status in their guild. (Ironically, although this was a concern of mine, their initial response to my question about what they saw in store for this guild made me forget to even ask. And damn if that doesn’t make me feel better!)
  • Their former guild is falling apart. They aren’t sure of all the details as to why, but their theory is that the leaders and high-geared people do not want to spend the time going back through Kara, Gruul’s, and Mag’s to help those that need or could use gear from those areas. They are focused on progression only forgetting that even slight upgrades make a big difference in SSC and Hyjal.
  • Comments about alts in their former guild lead me to believe that they think the same way we do. Alts take second chair to any main in the guild.
  • Their goal is to raid and help anyone else along the way.
  • They want “to start over.” This means they want to spend as much time as it takes to get everyone geared in Kara and heroics before making a large push in progression. That said they expect that progression runs will be during the week and farming Kara on weekends.
  • They expect anyone that has to sit out of raids to hit heroics for badge gear. With regards to Kara, several of them will opt to sit out in favor of others because they need absolutely nothing from there except badges.
  • I didn’t touch on DKP or loot much, but they pointed out that one of them lost out on an upgrade because he opted not to use all his DKP for an item which would have resulted in a +60 damage increase. Another lock won it with a +16 damage increase. It was felt that the Raid Leader, GM, or someone should have asked the other guy to pass because it would have benefited the group a lot more. It didn’t sound like they had absolutely locked in on any kind of a loot distribution method, but it appears to be need then greed. Also, they pointed out they don’t want to pigeon hole some items as a definite class/spec item and if it’s an upgrade for any class/spec, they can roll for it. Didn’t quite understand this comment and didn’t ask too much. Might be the idea of a healing staff going to a caster because the +dam is still a better upgrade given that no healer needs it for example.

Well I’m the skeptical one and boy was I ever skeptical since this was being setup by our friend outside of our guild. No offense intended, but he has jumped around a lot and it was about loot. I want loot as badly as the next guy, but not at the expense of enjoying myself. That said, after talking to these guys, I think they’re the real deal. I spent maybe 20 minutes talking to them and made up my mind. It took me 2 hours with the other guy as I was trying to convince myself it would be good for the guild, only to finally decide it wasn’t.

The great thing is we’ll get our friend back in our guild and we’re excited to have him around again. He’s also met a lot of people in running heroics over the past several months, so we expect he’ll bring some with him. With any luck we’ll have at least two Kara groups running this week.

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