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Transmitting Personal Info: Account Security

So I was logging in Tuesday after the weekly maintenance and like normal I pay little attention to what’s on screen, but start getting comfortable in my chair in anticipation of playing.

But wait! Out of the corner of my eye I see two words pop up on screen “personal info”!! I’ve never seen this is the pop-up window before and my heart starts racing! What’s going on?! I could swear I saw something to the effect of “transmitting personal info”, but I can’t be 100% sure.

As soon as I log in, I mention it in guild chat, but no one else seems to have seen the same thing. I immediately go back and change my password completely afraid that I’ve been hacked.

Now everything I’ve ever read seems to indicate that people who get hacked are those that answer questionable e-mails, buy gold online, or unfortunately were susceptible to that Flash player exploit, etc. I’ve never gotten a questionable e-mail claiming to be from Blizzard. I’ve never purchased gold or power-leveling services. And I recently bought a new computer that was already up-to-date on the flash player. I do however scan for other blogs all the time and visit sites like Wowjutsu, Be Imba!, and Wowhead.

So what happened? No idea. At first I thought, OK if I’ve been hacked, I’ve at least changed my password and that’s all I can do. If it’s more likely that I’m overreacting, then it probably had something to do with the recent Season 2 update. Still no one else saw it. Then on Wednesday a friend and fellow guildmate also saw the same thing as she logged in. I told her to immediately change her password, just in case.

Have you read my last post where I said I was lazy? I really should send a notice to Blizzard asking about it…


3 Responses

  1. Kyra and I both said we had it happen to us, too. There you go not paying attention again. 😉

    Check out B^3’s post about security tokens. Idk, but it may be related to that. http://thebigbearbutt.com/2008/06/26/blizzard-authenticator-account-security-is-now/

  2. Calm down, you weren’t hacked and your personal data wasn’t transferred. Every so often when you logon, Blizzard collects NON-personal data about your computer, so they can get a sense of their customer base. You probably saw “…personal data” and freaked.

    More info:

  3. Aww sweet! Thanks! I feel tons better!

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