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Now That’s a Raid (Drama Notwithstanding)!!!

Last night was an off-night for raiding, technically speaking of course. Our raid nights are supposed to be Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday at 6:00pm server. Invites go out at 5:45pm and first pull is supposed to be no later than 6:15pm. The problem with casual raiders is we rarely get that done.

In all fairness, last night was unchartered territory for us. I’ve mentioned that we’ve been recruiting fairly heavily and have in effect absorbed another guild with some fairly decent players. We actually had enough healers and tanks to run two full groups…and we did!

Needless to say the excitement level was pretty high! We’ve discussed running 25mans for some time now and the fact that we had enough for two full Kara groups without pugs is amazing!

So everyone who wanted to go was invited into the raid group. We had at least one person question whether they were ready to go, which they aren’t, but we needed to fill a slot. Besides it’s lower Kara and anything would be an upgrade to replace all the greens and blues she had. She got at least two pieces.

Our GM started moving people around to figure out if two groups would work and then consulted a few of the officers. We felt that it was good and started to proceed when the drama hit.

A few people kept mentioning that they wanted to run a full clear tonight and wanted to make sure they were in the group that did. I replied saying “Everyone wants a full clear.”, to which several people laughed.

Several things have to be taken into consideration on a night like this.

First, this wasn’t technically a raid night, but we always try to accomodate people if there are a sufficient number ready to do something. Tonight was no different and when the excitement started to build that there was a small possibility of running two groups, we did try to accomodate that.

Second, not everyone was going to have the most ideal group. We had two ways to go about this. We could load one group up for a full clear and the other group with the remainder and pray to the gods of Azeroth that they could down Attumen or we could divide up and hope that both groups could get fairly far. We opted for the second choice.

Third, even if we tried to get everyone that could stay for a full clear into the same group we probably would have ended up with four tanks, one healer, and five dps all of which probably can’t CC in Kara. They wouldn’t have made it any farther anyway. I pointed this out too.

That’s when the drama hit. One of our members wanted to run with another particular member, but was moved into the other group. She instantly said “This is crap.”, proceeds to log out, and then logs on to another toon that’s in our guild.

There was some behind the scenes complaining, whispering, and general “WTH’s going on?” I whispered her to find out what was going on and she didn’t respond. I finally whispered for her to please respond. She did eventually with a comment about how we’re breaking up her old guild members that know how to run together and do very well together. Her argument was that we should utilize that advantage and keep them together.

If you ever find yourself in this situation, remember be very careful about how you respond. Try to stop and put yourself in their shoes.

My first initial reaction was to tell her to grow up. I wanted to yell at her as she initially ignored my requests to know what was going on. Besides I was already upset that she quit the raid to log onto an alt when things didn’t go her way.

This may sound pretty narcisistic, but I’m going to say it anyway. I’ve been told that I need to learn how to be selfish. I have a tendency to think of others before myself in the game. Take this with a grain of salt because it’s true and it’s not. I tend to think long term. I want to start raiding ZA. I want to start raiding Gruul’s and Mag’s and get my loot there. I want to experience something besides Kara before the expansion hits. Notice all the “I want” statements? The only way for me to do this is to help others gear up, get rep, enchant, gem, etc. I’ve spent thousands of gold giving guildies free enchants, mats, etc. Yes, I’m not inherently a selfish person, but don’t get me wrong I’m still doing it with the hopes that I will benefit later too.

So whenever someone throws a fit, a tantrum, /gquits, or quits a raid because something isn’t going quite the way they would like, I get angry. I have spent the last two months generally never getting farther than Shade or Chess just to gear up others. Hell yeah I want my tier 4 helm! Like I said I’ve spent thousands on enchants, mats, etc. What about the hundreds spent on repairs from continuously wiping? There was a time when I was part of a group that almost had Kara on farm. I’ve spent time farming fire and water motes for people. I gave someone 12 primal waters just yesterday from my own stash. I might be the only maxed fisherman in our guild. And you’re going to throw a hissy fit and purposely disconnect, leave the raid, or /gquit?!! WELL, #$%@ YOU!!!

Sorry got a little carried away.

But I didn’t say those things. I tried to remain calm. I waited knowing that she was frustrated because she had hoped for other things. What I did say was, “OK. But this isn’t your old guild. We have a lot of new people that need to learn how to play together or we’ll never get into 25 mans. Hell, I want to be in [so-and-so’s] group, but because of the healer make-up I can’t be.” This is true, I really did want to be in the other group, but I was put where I was needed.

Shortly after that statement, she logged back over and we went.

Now how do you react after that? There’s a good way and a bad way. Shortly after both groups got started I tried to see if I could lighten the mood a little. In guild chat I said “First one to wipe, farms next week.” Several people laughed. No one in our group mentioned anything after it, but then again she was in the other group. I can only hope that tensions weren’t high over there.

The bad way to handle things is to hold it against her. I’m not saying that we don’t have to keep an eye on people who react poorly, but when tensions are high not everyone makes the right decision. But if you’re one that makes one of the bad decisions, remember you just showed that your wants and needs are more important than the guilds. You have to trust your officers to know what they are doing is in the best interest of the guild. If you don’t agree, feel free to address that with an officer at the appropriate time. During raids is not the right time.

Also remember that just because you made a poor decision, and now may not be viewed as highly as you may have been, doesn’t mean that you have to stay that way in their eyes. Do what you can to assist the officers by cooperating and learning to trust them. If you have ideas, share them. You’ll be amazed at how little officers know even if they look like they know everything and if he/she is a good officer they will give you credit.

I have yet to get home and check with the other group, but Group 1 only got through to Curator. We one-shotted everything, including Romulo and Julianne (shoulda heard the groans) with 3 undergeared people. Curator was a mess though.

When we got to Curator we ran into a little bit of drama as two different strategies presented themselves. We’ve got a lot of new people in the guild and not everyone was on the same page. We wiped a couple of times and then tried it another way. That way still didn’t work, but it was agreed that our dps was light. Looking at one report for one of the fights, we had a lock at 800+ dps and the rest below 400. We just weren’t able to down the adds fast enough.

All in all it was still a great night. We successfully had our first two full Kara groups and I hope everyone had fun!