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I Don’t Want No More of Raider Life (Blizzard I Wanna Quit Wow!!!)

I’m a huge fan of M*A*S*H the television show. In the episode Movie Tonight the members of the 4077th sing a song titled Gee, Mom, I Want To Go Home.  I was watching this episode about two months ago during a time when raiding was starting to become very old…

Edit: Included video

Oh, I Don’t Want No More of Raider Life
(Blizzard I Wanna Quit WoW!!!)

They say a raider’s life
Is one that’s mighty fine
You down bosses together
To hear the others whine

Oh I don’t want no more of raider life
GM, I wanna night off!

Oh, the tanks in our raid group
We do our very best
But mages always aggro
And the raid ends up a mess

Oh, I don’t want no more of raider life
DPS, turn Omen on!

I’ve often heard raid healers
Can make or break a raid
They recruit the best amongst us
I say we’re underpaid

Oh, I don’t want no more of raider life
Dammit! I shoulda rolled mage.

We warlocks are a dark group
We’re not the friendly types
You like us for our healthstones
And soul stones help with wipes

Oh, I don’t want no more of raider life
At least my succy is hot!

We mages of the arcane
We play with fire and ice
You think that we’re perverted
Cuz we think sheep are nice

Oh, I don’t want no more of raider life
Here have a table of food!

Hunters on this server
Are far from very rare
I have to spend my free time
Carousing with my bear

Oh, a hunter would like a spot of raiding life
Dammit! Gimme a chance!

Druids are the best class
Our DPS is very good,
Feral tanks are tough to beat,
And our heals will give you wood

Oh, I don’t want no more of raider life
Head back to Darkshore*

Couple of hours ’til raid time
I turn on Do Not Disturb
It’s time to start my farming
Damn! That ninja just stole my herb!

Oh, I don’t want no more of raider life
When’d this stop being a game?!

We’ve gathered round the summoning stone
Tonight for once prepared
Oh, great now someone’s hearthing
He forgot he’s not repaired

Oh, I don’t want no more of raider life
I think I’m gonna cry

We’ve raided every instance
We’ve finally found our groove
So why then during Flame Wreath
Does someone always move?!

Oh, I don’t want no more of raider life
That’s it!! I’m gonna /gquit!!!

 They say a raider’s life
Is one that’s mighty fine
But ‘long the way I’ve lost it
It’s time my life was mine

Oh, I don’t want no more of raider life
Blizzard, I wanna quit…
But you won’t let me quit…
Blizzard, I wanna quit WoW!!!

* In my opinion, absolutely one of the worst zones created. Says a lot about how bad raiding is to go back there.


48 Days and Counting…

OK, depending on how you calculate the final day or if you include today, i count 48 more days until the release of Wrath of the Lich King.  Wow, that’s only 7 more weeks!!

So first, update on my goal progress:

For Kyrilean:

  • Finish Heroic Shadow Labs. Gruul is about to bite the big one! I want that Champion of the Naaru title. I don’t have any titles. I refuse to pay for the Shattered Sun title. It’s not that I don’t think people who have paid for it haven’t earned it, I just can’t bring myself to drop 1000g on a title. Done as of last night! WOOT!!
  • Obtain the Amani Bear Mount. 3 bosses down, 2 on timers. Jan’alai is almost dead. Ironically, I don’t even care about the mount. I just want the ability to say I did it and have proof. The fact that mounts will no longer be carried around using up bag space is a plus. This one is probably not going to happen. We struggle with 3 timers let alone trying to get to 4.  And we’re not going to focus on the timers until we gear up more, potentially with Tier 5 gear.
  • See at least one boss in SSC and TK. Saw Void Reaver earlier this week and if DPS can stay alive we can take him easily. Healing this fight was cake. DPS just kept dying from orbs.

For Maedchen:

  • Get at least geared beyond Kara. Per Be Imba! I am now geared for Gruul’s and Mag’s.
  • Get as many discoveries as possible, if not all. Still a work in progress.
  • Rep up with all the Outland factions that will give me Alchemy recipes. Still a work in progress.


  • Level Erdkrieg and Saebelzahn to at least 60. I read this morning on a couple of blogs that it has been officially announced that leveling from 60 to 70 will be easier once WotLK hits. Can’t confirm myself because I can’t access the forums from work. But getting both to 60 should be relatively easy. Yeah it would have been easier if I wasn’t raiding a ton and working on rep for Maedchen. Erdkrieg’s level 46 as of last night and Saebelzahn is still 27.
  • Max out Erdkrieg’s Engineering and Jewelcrafting. Given that getting to 60 is easy enough, this should also be an easy enough goal. I can get plenty of money from the other toons’ dailies to make this happen. This should be easy enough given that I only have to get to level 50 I think to max out professions.

So the question is are you making your goals?

Wrath of the Lich King: Alts vs. Mains

This started out as a response question for Auz’s post about Wrath Planning – Guild Landscape. Her post made me realize perhaps there’s more to getting ready for the expansion than I once realized, but I have this particular problem that has been plaguing me for the last couple of months and I don’t know what to do. I’ve brought it up to the other officers, but so far nobody’s really spent time thinking about it.

ICESTORM’s Rank and Loot System

Let me set you up with how it’s set up in our guild. We have the following ranks:

  • GM
  • Co-GM
  • Officer
  • Veteran
  • Alts Officer/GM
  • Raid Member
  • Member
  • Alts
  • Hold*
  • Applicant
  • *This is used for players we aren’t ready to kick, but haven’t logged in a while. We usually kick Applicants after 21 days without logging in (a little long, I know). Members will get booted after a month unless notifying us first of an extended absence. The hold status let’s other officers know not to kick the player.

Loot rules basically are done by a ranking system with on-spec rolling first and once everyone passes we switch to off-spec before anything is disenchanted.

  • GM/Co-GMs/Officers
  • Veterans
  • Raid Members
  • Members
  • Applicants**
  • Alts
  • **Our loot rules actually put Applicants below alts, but we haven’t been doing that. Rank also does not affect when alts roll, so officers’ alts aren’t put above members’ alts.

Reasoning Behind Loot Rules

This isn’t a discussion about the pros and cons of our system, but I think it needs to be taken into consideration for this problem I’m not sure how to address.

The guild was set up as a “start-over” guild. The officers at the time were all geared beyond Kara, but we were having trouble doing higher end raids or were unhappy with higher end guilds. As such, we decided to “start over”. We recruited with the goal of recruiting people to gear up in Kara until such time as we could progress.

There really was little to no gear in Kara that any of the officers needed, except maybe on alts. As such, our time, energy, gold, mats, reagents, flasks, elixirs, pots, food, etc. would be spent helping others get gear while we waited. Yes, some of us would benefit from badges, but the majority of us only needed one or two more badge items. It was felt that because of this, we–the officers–deserved to benefit from the first few drops in more advanced raids.

The rest of it is pretty self explanatory. We’re opposed to DKP, except for one officer that believes in it, and this was the fairest system we could come up with. It’s also important to point out that our officers are such that we often pass on small upgrades for ourselves to help gear out others in hopes of advancing faster. I myself passed on Gruul’s Eye the other night, even though it’s something I have wanted for some time. Again, a small upgrade for me, but a large one for the guy who got it. Besides, it’ll drop again (and I’ll probably pass again. /sigh)

The Dilemma

In order to make the loot system work, every player has to have a designated main and all others are alts. This generally means that when we recruit someone with multiple alts, if they do not bring those alts immediately, then the initial toon is the main since we recruited based on that.

Rather quickly, it was decided that someone with multiple alts should not benefit over those who do not have the luxury of alts.  So alts always take a back seat to the mains, regardless of rank.

So everyone has a main. Most have alts. The expansion is on the horizon. We’ve got new content to look forward to! Every raid will have a 10-man and 25-man version!! Although we don’t have the 25-man issues we once did, we’ll be able to make sure that fewer people sit out on raids and more raids can happen if we have the interest!! Man are we stoked!!!

    Ummm….hey Ky! This is your brain. Remember me? HEY YOU!!!
    Wha..what? Sorry, I was day dreaming about Wrath.
    Yeah, pull your head out of the clouds for a sec. We got a problem!
    Problem? What are you talking about? I don’t have time for problems. I just finished heroic slabs last night. All I got is Mag’s to do and I’ve got my title.  I’ve only got one more care and that’s to get my bear mount.
    Forget the title! Forget the bear! It’s just vanity stuff anyway. No one really cares
    Fine, killjoy. What’s the problem?
    What are you going to do when Wrath hits and everyone starts leveling to 80?
    We’re going to start raiding. Wow, I don’t remember my brain being this dense. Maybe I need to take you in for a scan.
    OK, let me make this simple for you. Which toon are you leveling to 80 first?
    Well, Ky’s my main. Probably him. Although leveling Maedchen would definitely be easier without respec’ing. Besides I don’t really know Ret all that well…Oh! I see your point…
    ‘Bout time.

What do you do when players start leveling their “alts” before their “mains”?

Guaranteed at least one person is going to do this, if not a majority. There seems to be a feel that a lot of people’s mains were leveled because they didn’t know what to go with first and once they tried another class, they liked it more.

Personally, I love my pally healer. I always will. I love healing. I leveled Maedchen with the idea that she’d be heals too, but a couple of Co-GMs convinced me to keep her shadow spec’d because we only had one at the time (who later got herself kicked from the guild). I’m leveling Erdkrieg and Saebelzahn with the idea of going Resto on both when I get there. But right now Enhancement’s pretty fun!

We’ve recruited, generally speaking, with a focus on mains. If we level alts first, this may really put a hamper on our initial raiding until everyone catches up. So here’s our options:

Option #1

Allow people to change their mains once the expansion hits. Everyone picks, we adjust ranks accordingly, and start leveling.

    Pros: As a casual guild, we aren’t forcing people to play one way or the other. People are more likely to devote a lot of time leveling the toon they really want to play. This in turn should get us raiding new content faster.
    Cons: For those that stick with their current mains this Introduces new competition for raid spots and loot with a sudden influx of “new” mains. May require additional recruiting and in general we’re pretty happy with where it has gotten. (Ironic turn that a guild that once had to spam trade chat for recruits, while being ridiculed, now has people banging down our door on a daily basis. Seriously, are there any other toons out there besides hunters?!)

Option #2

Ranks stay the same regardless of what toon you level first. We pull in those we can use and need as the situation dictates, but if you’re an alt, you roll as an alt.

    Pros: Mains and alts are already familiar. No need to re-juggle and re-learn who’s who. Those who stick with their current mains need not put up with a potential increase in competition from “new” mains. Those who stick with their mains may wind up benefiting for sticking with it, if others do not.
    Cons: May slow down getting into raiding if a lot of people don’t want to level their mains first, concentrate on the Death Knight, etc. Potential to lose players that want to refocus their mains and look elsewhere.

As a whole, I think Option 1 is fairer to the individual and Option 2 is fairer to the guild. Because I believe what’s best for the guild will benefit me individually a whole lot faster than not, I’m leaning towards Option 2.

Is this an issue any of your guilds have thought of? What are your guilds going to do?

Wrath of the Lich King



It’s official!!! 

November 13th, 2008

Demand Respect!!!

Well, my guild ICESTORM has progressed a long way in the last few months. And to think it was only two weeks ago that it almost fell apart…

We went from being able to only get one Kara group halfway through to being able to have two groups fully clear Kara each week with another getting most of the way. We can almost get a fourth group going as well. We have now downed Gruul himself and even got Magtheridon down this last week on our fourth attempt, but on our first visit!

But how did we get here? And why the sudden explosion?

The Good Ol’ Days

 The Good Old Days

We have grown from a group of less than 20 players to a guild that now has nearly 125 toons, most of which are level 70, and over 70 actual accounts. We’ve seen people come and go, we’ve lost a few friends, and gained several new ones. But up until two weeks ago we could not field a 25 man raid to save our life and the frustration was building.

I’ve got a friend that is fond of saying “back in the day” when referring to the old 10 daily limit, when everyone had to be attuned for Kara, when heroics required Revered reputation to purchase keys, etc.

You know we walked uphill in the snow both ways in Hellfire before the demons came! Danged kids and their new fangled epic flyers zooming all over Hellfire’s half-acre!! You watch where you’re going, you young whippersnapper! Danged disrespectful…(incoherent mutterings)

Back in those days we struggled with Kara running it for 3-4 hours every night 3-4 nights a week only to get to Curator and constantly wipe.  We spent hours every day running heroics to gear up so we could go to Kara.  Nowadays we have newly dinged 70s joining the guild expecting, and in some cases demanding, that we run them through Kara like it’s a god-given right.

The Lack of Respect

Through recruiting and growing we now have a lot of people in our guild.  As with any recruiting, the good comes with the bad.  We’ve had our fair share of both, like any other guild out there.  Perhaps the largest problem that I see is the lack of respect.

Respect?  What do you mean respect?  Just kick ’em out!

All well and good, except it isn’t respect in their guild chat that’s the problem.  I suppose some of it could be our own fault as well.

We have members that don’t respect the other members enough to realize how much of an impact they have on said members. They want to run Kara weekly because they know the guild can do it. We have two groups that get full clears in about 5-6 hours with minimal wiping.  They receive rewards through loot and badges with minimal effort.  Many hit 70 and expect to go automatically into Kara to get their first upgrades without a thought to heroics, re-spec’ing to a more appropriate raid spec, or doing any number of things to improve themselves for raiding.

There are those that do not respect others enough to take the time to research their classes properly in order to maximize their potential.  (See my rant on that here.)  Obviously you can see the problems with people not pulling their weight.  It’s only compounded by the fact that Kara runs smoothly with the overgeared players so it isn’t even noticed.  But we sure do notice the problem in more advanced raids.

There are those that do not respect others enough to run heroics and spend their time doing dailies for repairs, pots, reagents, food buffs, or whatever else they need to raid.  Inevitably we always have someone asking for food buffs or reagents they ran out of and didn’t bother to restock.  How did we ever prepare for raids when we had only 10 dailies?!  These guys have 25!!!

We have those that don’t respect the guild enough to do anything other than run in battlegrounds and arenas.  As said they avoid doing dailies and lack the resources to stock up for raids.  They learn PvP tactics and don’t understand their own toons abilities and limitations in raids.  DPS warriors and casters want to crit as soon as possible, as often as possible to remain on top of the DPS and damage meters and some never understand the problem created by overaggroing.  I’m talking to you mages that iceblock to save your sorry butt and hunters that feign death.  YOU THINK THE MOB GOES BACK TO THE TANK?!!  Not on your life!!  The tank has lost aggro now and healers and caster dps are the next target.  Is that a raid wipe I see?

Respect: Demand It

So what do you do?

I’m glad you asked.  This is what we did.

In a nutshell, we decided that we would no longer invite members to our Kara raids that did not actively help us in progression raids such as Gruul’s and Mag’s.  So far we’ve never really had a problem with people volunteering for ZA.  I can only surmise that people think it’s easier in a 10 man than 25 man, but we have a good majority of the guild that aren’t ready for it.

We are allowing for exceptions from those we know that cannot meet certain raid times or nights due to real life commitments or situations.  We already know for the most part who those people are and when they can’t.

We posted the rule on our forums and made a very public announcement to our guild and asked them to spread the word.  Boy, did word ever get around fast!!!  There was an uproar from several members concerned about not being able to go.  Those that complained for the most part aren’t the ones we’re concerned about.  The exceptions were explained and it was made very clear that we are targeting the ones that are in battlegrounds, leveling alts, or doing any number of other things at raid times; including showing up 1-2 hours late and ask if we’re going to Kara.

The response was phenomenal!  The following day we had 21 people logged in about an hour before raid.  At raid time we had almost 30 people and 28 were committed to going to Gruul’s.  We set it up and got him down as a guild first for a full guild run!  Then Saturday we had enough logged in to try Mag’s and got him down!  Amazing what you can do when members show up!!

We’ve also demanded that anyone wanting to participate in progression runs need to be fully enchanted and gemmed.  We’re not talking epic gems, but as one GM put it “no cheap-@$$” gems either. Basically anything in the 50g+ range is acceptable.

We’re demanding that people show up on time with elxirs, flasks, reageants, repaired, and anything else that needs to be done before a raid.  We’ve made it very clear that we will no longer be babysitting them in progression raids and have no qualms about recruiting others willing to pull their weight instead.

The one thing I’ve avoided is laying down the law, but I also was foolish enough to believe that because I take playing my toons with a certain amount of pride, that others would do the same.

Oh, I’m not talking about Mr. Aggro-magnet, who loves topping the dps and damage meters at whatever cost. No, I’m talking about players who take pride in making sure runs are successful by optimizing their talents, gear, enchants, gems, and buffs for the good of the raid, but even more importantly take pride in being able to adapt to the others so that raids are successful.

Nothing upsets me more when a player will not learn to adapt to their surroundings and group to make things easier for someone else; tanks who believe they’re invincible making it hard for healers, dps that can’t watch their aggro to keep from stealing aggro, or healers that ignore all other stats for the sake of +heal.

I’ve researched it all and to tell you the truth, I STILL DON’T KNOW SQUAT!!! Knowledge is a journey. You have to keep feeding it or eventually you’ll find you know nothing. Every patch, every expansion changes everything.

Bottom line, our guild now demands “respect” from its members. You don’t respect us enough to help in advancing, we don’t respect you enough to hold your hand. You don’t respect us enough to be prepared for raids, we don’t respect you enough to invite you.  You don’t respect us enough to adapt as necessary, we sure as hell don’t respect you enough to re-invite you back.

Respect is earned, it’s not a god-given right.

Gruul and Magtheridon are down!

Friday we went back in to Gruul’s to attempt killing Gruul himself once again. And we did it on the 4th attempt!! Although part of the guild did this a few weeks ago pugging a few people in (vacation prevented me from attending), we happened to do this as a full guild tonight! Our tank was sick and left immediately after downing him so we didn’t get a screen shot of it. But here’s the healing stats for the Gruul fight where we took him down.

Gruul - Blog

Due to some real life issues I was late to our first ever Mag raid last night, but due to a disconnect they reshuffled some people around and asked me to get in there on the 3rd attempt. Totally clueless, since I didn’t have a chance to read up on the fight, we wiped on my first attempt and took him down the next!

Mag - Blog

Our guild is real excited at the progress we’ve made this week. The officers truly believe we’re just about ready to start getting in SSC and TK.

Ironically, we’re wondering if this isn’t because of a policy change we will be implementing next week. After a very frustrating evening, I logged out and came back the next day still somewhat in a rage. It takes quite a bit to get me riled, but this has been boiling for quite some time.

We had yet to do a full 25 man guild run on anything until this week. It’s frustrating because often we won’t pug more than five people and often we can’t even get 20 of our own. After one night where several people were wanting to run Sunwell trash with one of the many PUG runs on our server and others were trying to get us to run Kara, some of the officers shot back that we should be showing as much enthusiasm for Gruul’s and Mag’s as we do for Kara, since we have the people to do it. One officer even said we should be a leveling guild what with all the alts people are constantly playing at raid times. After that comment I logged out.

One of our officers suggested enforcing not running people through Kara who do not show up for Gruul’s raids. So I posted the new Kara raiding rules admittedly while upset. Bottom line, we won’t run those that only want Kara and refuse to help us progress.

We made the announcement very public and during a complaint about the announcement from one of our members as we were preparing for a raid, I very vocally explained the reasoning behind it on Vent.

We the officers will not waste our time gearing people up in Kara that will not help us advance. The officers all have at least one main that is geared beyond Kara and want to see more content before the expansion.

I’m not sure how many people heard me, but there was some agreement and I think the word spread very quickly because we have had more than 25 people logging on every night since Thursday. LMAO! And to top it all off, we have people talking in guild chat about the next thing they need to do to improve their Be Imba! score. I always take the score with a grain of salt, because I’ve seen some geared players that couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag, but it’s great to see some motivation and last night we laughed ourselves silly when one member said those that aren’t improving themselves are only hurting the guild and themselves for raids. Hmmm…could have sworn some of the officers have been saying that for months…LOL!


Not sure what’s up with this, but when I thought of the title for my blog, I did a quick check to make sure there wasn’t one with this title. Evidently I didn’t check thoroughly enough.

I did a Google Blog search “casual hardcore”. Mainly I looked at the top which lists different blog sites and then lists the posts themselves below. Quick check, I’m good to go.

Today I was just curious to see if my new blog would pop up on a Google search yet. Search “casualhardcore”.

WAIT! What’s that?!

You mean to tell me that leaving out that little space in the search and doing a blog search rather than just regular Google search made this kind of a difference?!

There’s a CasualHardcore blog out there. Well luckily for me it appears it’s been abandoned, since the last post is dated June 17th of 2007. At least I’m not competing against someone with a very similar blog then. I would feel like crap if I stole/copied someone’s identity.

Now granted I saw Syncaine’s Hardcore Casual blog. It appears, based on the category list, he/she writes about more than WoW and hopefully the difference between being a casual hardcore and a hardcore casual is enough that any similarity isn’t treading on someone’s toes, so I didn’t really think about it much.

Guess the lesson here is before starting a blog and coming up with a title, make sure to do proper homework. And when you do a search, try a couple of different options.