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Casual Hardcore

So why the change to Casual Hardcore?

Well to be honest when I originally started my blog I only had one level 70 toon and for the most part it was the only one I was going to have for a long time. I had a lot to do with Kyrilean and wasn’t ever going to get around to leveling others.

But recently I have gotten another toon Maedchen to level 70 and am trying to gear her up as much as possible. But unlike with my first toon, I am not spending as much time gearing her up with the impending expansion. Instead, I’m spending time leveling other alts in hopes that I can get a couple of more 70s that will hopefully be fairly easy to level to 80.

OK, that explains the change from Kyrilean of Arathor to a more generic blog name, but why Casual Hardcore?

Well, I have always considered myself a “casual” player. I’ve heard the term “hardcore” thrown around and heard the horror stories of belonging to a “hardcore” raiding guild. You’ll hear things like “they make you re-spec to whatever they need or you’re out of the guild”, “they tell you exactly how to gear, enchant, gem, play, etc.”, “if you cause a couple of wipes during your trial period you’re out”, or “if you can’t raid 4+ times per week or roughly 20 hours per week, then you’re out”. I’m sure there’s many more things we all envision as “hardcore”.

I once heard it said that “hardcore” is anyone who plays more than you. Well, I play a lot (40+ hours/week) and have to admit that I’m probably what most people would consider “hardcore”. Although until recently I never admitted that.

To me “casual” means not dictating how someone specs or plays their toon. It means not dictating when, how, and if someone can play. In general, “casual” is treating the game for what it is…a game.  This means that if someone doesn’t want to do something, regardless of the reason, there should be no pressure to do so.

I’ve come to terms that I’m “hardcore” in that I play a lot.  I have one of each class on my server with an extra spot for a Death Knight when it comes.  Of those toons, two are level 70, three are at or really close to level 30, two are at level 20, and two are level 10 or less.  I have every intention of leveling each class to 80 eventually.

I’ve also come to realize that the more I raid, the less patience I have for others that do not show as much of an effort as I have put forth.  Let me tell you what I mean…

I was in Heroic Botanica the other day with Maedchen. Now I understand that there may be class differences I’m not accounting for, but I fail to see how it could account for this. We had a geared pally tank, geared shaman healer, and geared mage. There was also a Moonkin that if you know anything about Inventory On Par had a gear score of around 280, if I remember correctly. For those of you who don’t know, in a basic sense it’s an addon that gives you a generic indication of how well geared someone is for their level. It’s not the best tool, but it can give you a quick glance on what to expect.

Anyway, this Moonkin had double the gear score that Maedchen did at the time. I believe her gear score was right around 120. By the end of the run, I had picked up 2 blues which got me up to about 160. Because I’m very new to DPS and I want to make sure that my DPS increases with each new piece of gear, I started looking at Recount to make sure I was getting better.


How is my damage within 100k of the Moonkin?! That’s gotta be wrong, isn’t it?! OK, I thought maybe there’s an added bonus because of all the debuffs I end up putting on the mobs. That’s gotta have something to do with it.


My DPS is 429…the…exact…same…dps…as the Moonkin… /confused

No idea what that guy does, but even if the above numbers are wrong, I later ran ZA with him. We were having all kinds of problems getting to Jan’Alai and later the Raid Leader checked the damage meters to discover that this guy and a hunter, both ZA geared according to Be Imba! were under 600 dps and at times were under 500.

Just goes to show that gear isn’t everything.

Anyway, to make a long story even longer…

I still consider myself “casual” in that I will not dictate when or how people play or kick them from the guild because of that, but I consider myself “hardcore” because I reserve the right to not invite them to any raid I feel they aren’t ready for.


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