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Gruul and Magtheridon are down!

Friday we went back in to Gruul’s to attempt killing Gruul himself once again. And we did it on the 4th attempt!! Although part of the guild did this a few weeks ago pugging a few people in (vacation prevented me from attending), we happened to do this as a full guild tonight! Our tank was sick and left immediately after downing him so we didn’t get a screen shot of it. But here’s the healing stats for the Gruul fight where we took him down.

Gruul - Blog

Due to some real life issues I was late to our first ever Mag raid last night, but due to a disconnect they reshuffled some people around and asked me to get in there on the 3rd attempt. Totally clueless, since I didn’t have a chance to read up on the fight, we wiped on my first attempt and took him down the next!

Mag - Blog

Our guild is real excited at the progress we’ve made this week. The officers truly believe we’re just about ready to start getting in SSC and TK.

Ironically, we’re wondering if this isn’t because of a policy change we will be implementing next week. After a very frustrating evening, I logged out and came back the next day still somewhat in a rage. It takes quite a bit to get me riled, but this has been boiling for quite some time.

We had yet to do a full 25 man guild run on anything until this week. It’s frustrating because often we won’t pug more than five people and often we can’t even get 20 of our own. After one night where several people were wanting to run Sunwell trash with one of the many PUG runs on our server and others were trying to get us to run Kara, some of the officers shot back that we should be showing as much enthusiasm for Gruul’s and Mag’s as we do for Kara, since we have the people to do it. One officer even said we should be a leveling guild what with all the alts people are constantly playing at raid times. After that comment I logged out.

One of our officers suggested enforcing not running people through Kara who do not show up for Gruul’s raids. So I posted the new Kara raiding rules admittedly while upset. Bottom line, we won’t run those that only want Kara and refuse to help us progress.

We made the announcement very public and during a complaint about the announcement from one of our members as we were preparing for a raid, I very vocally explained the reasoning behind it on Vent.

We the officers will not waste our time gearing people up in Kara that will not help us advance. The officers all have at least one main that is geared beyond Kara and want to see more content before the expansion.

I’m not sure how many people heard me, but there was some agreement and I think the word spread very quickly because we have had more than 25 people logging on every night since Thursday. LMAO! And to top it all off, we have people talking in guild chat about the next thing they need to do to improve their Be Imba! score. I always take the score with a grain of salt, because I’ve seen some geared players that couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag, but it’s great to see some motivation and last night we laughed ourselves silly when one member said those that aren’t improving themselves are only hurting the guild and themselves for raids. Hmmm…could have sworn some of the officers have been saying that for months…LOL!

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