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48 Days and Counting…

OK, depending on how you calculate the final day or if you include today, i count 48 more days until the release of Wrath of the Lich King.  Wow, that’s only 7 more weeks!!

So first, update on my goal progress:

For Kyrilean:

  • Finish Heroic Shadow Labs. Gruul is about to bite the big one! I want that Champion of the Naaru title. I don’t have any titles. I refuse to pay for the Shattered Sun title. It’s not that I don’t think people who have paid for it haven’t earned it, I just can’t bring myself to drop 1000g on a title. Done as of last night! WOOT!!
  • Obtain the Amani Bear Mount. 3 bosses down, 2 on timers. Jan’alai is almost dead. Ironically, I don’t even care about the mount. I just want the ability to say I did it and have proof. The fact that mounts will no longer be carried around using up bag space is a plus. This one is probably not going to happen. We struggle with 3 timers let alone trying to get to 4.  And we’re not going to focus on the timers until we gear up more, potentially with Tier 5 gear.
  • See at least one boss in SSC and TK. Saw Void Reaver earlier this week and if DPS can stay alive we can take him easily. Healing this fight was cake. DPS just kept dying from orbs.

For Maedchen:

  • Get at least geared beyond Kara. Per Be Imba! I am now geared for Gruul’s and Mag’s.
  • Get as many discoveries as possible, if not all. Still a work in progress.
  • Rep up with all the Outland factions that will give me Alchemy recipes. Still a work in progress.


  • Level Erdkrieg and Saebelzahn to at least 60. I read this morning on a couple of blogs that it has been officially announced that leveling from 60 to 70 will be easier once WotLK hits. Can’t confirm myself because I can’t access the forums from work. But getting both to 60 should be relatively easy. Yeah it would have been easier if I wasn’t raiding a ton and working on rep for Maedchen. Erdkrieg’s level 46 as of last night and Saebelzahn is still 27.
  • Max out Erdkrieg’s Engineering and Jewelcrafting. Given that getting to 60 is easy enough, this should also be an easy enough goal. I can get plenty of money from the other toons’ dailies to make this happen. This should be easy enough given that I only have to get to level 50 I think to max out professions.

So the question is are you making your goals?


One Response

  1. I logged on the PTR for the first time last night and browsed through the achievements. Those are the basis of all my goals. I’m going to be working on rep, mainly the Outland dungeon factions and Kurenei. Then the furbolgs if I’m hating myself one evening.

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