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Big Brother

Recently I’ve been using an addon called Big Brother. It’s the addon that posts in raid chat who’s missing Flasks, Elixirs, or Food Buffs. We have tried to convince our raid members to bring food buffs, elixirs, and flasks, but nothing ever seems to get all of them to do it. The other night when a couple of officers were in the unbuffed list while we were clearing trash to Void Reaver, I found myself rather upset…

I’ve said it a hundred times now that we are a casual raiding guild, but we are a raiding guild. I don’t think it hardcore to expect everyone to be fully prepared if they want to raid. Most raiding guilds I know that find raiders not fully buffed with flasks, elixirs, and food will quickly remove raiders from the guild. That’s not what we want to be about. We want to keep things casual, but why does that mean a select few don’t have to bring their ‘A-Game’ when others do?

While clearing trash to Void Reaver the other night, I used Big Brother to do a quick check and after noticing about 10 people without food buffs and more than 5 without elixirs or flasks, I posted it to the raid. Unfortunately, three of them were officers. When the raid leader asked to post it again later on after another wipe, one of the officers jokingly asked not to post it until the boss fight. When questioned why her reason was because she didn’t waste elixirs, flasks, or food buffs until the boss fight because of the cost.

Did I mention I was upset?

Rather than causing a scene in raid, I posted in officer chat that not fully buffing during the trash pulls didn’t sit well with me. Heck, I was using my buffs and lost several after the first 6 wipes, 4 of which were completely idiotic and stupid. I pointed out that one could argue that our wiping was due to the lack of buffs. This isn’t exactly true, because like I said some of the wipes were completely avoidable. However, the argument is sound.

The officer, along with the other two non-buffed officers, have spent a lot of time complaining in the past about people not pulling their weight and how so-and-so shouldn’t be here, they suck, so on and so forth.

Hypocrisy is an evil thing. I absolutely hate it. I hate it even more when I catch myself being hypocritical. I’m not a pleasant person to be around when that happens.

So my final comment to all the officers was I didn’t want to hear any more complaining about anybody not being ready, not pulling their weight, or any other thing from those who are not buffing up during trash pulls. Another officer agreed with me.

The comments from those 3 officers were very minimal the remainder of the evening. LOL

Top 6 Excuses (believe me there’s more LOL)

The other raid members when confronted with why they didn’t have food, elixirs, or flasks had a varied range of excuses. I’ve compiled them here and included a couple I’ve heard before.

Excuse #1 – I just logged in and didn’t know we were raiding tonight, so I didn’t have time enough to buy or farm the stuff I needed.
Excuse #2 – I’m broke and didn’t have enough money to buy the mats, food, etc.
Excuse #3 – The AH didn’t have what I needed.
Excuse #4 – We’ve wiped so much, I ran out.
Excuse #5 – If I buff up, I’ll end up aggroing.
Excuse #6 – I don’t buff up for the trash pulls.

Answers To Any And All Excuses

Chances are you’ve been in whatever raiding guild you are in for a while. For those of you that haven’t, you’ll soon notice a trend that your raiding guild has. This may include a raid every single night, whenever there are enough people (kind of like my guild). You may find that you only raid certain nights and only certain raids on certain nights.

You may find rather quickly that you will either be a part of every single raid or you may find that you are part of a select few. Whichever category you fall into, be creative in finding time to do the things you need to do to prepare. Best thing I’ve ever found is doing it all at once for an entire week’s worth of raiding. (Saturday morning when I live on the East Coast and play on a West Coast server…absolutely the best time ever to farm!)

Finding yourself in every single raid puts a strain on being prepared. See if you can’t set up an alliance with someone to help you out by trading mats for food, food for pots, etc.

Running out of funds? Get with a group to run the Isle dailies if nothing else. I can almost guarantee at least a few of your guildmates are running it every day. Getting in a group can make it go faster. In just under an hour you should net yourself a little over 100g with all the trash loot.

Bored with dailies? I personally do maybe 2-3 daililes on any average day and do the Isle or Netherwing dailies about once per week. I spend most of my days farming mats to make Primal Might. As a transmute master, I hope for proc’s which can boost my income.

Plan ahead. Spend a day each week farming what you need for an entire week’s worth of raiding. You can’t count on the AH to always have what you want, especially at the price you want. Find someone in guild that can make what you need. Like I said, work out a trade. If you think you need so many of an item, chances are you need more. Always be prepared for a bad wipe night. If you think you need 20 of something, bring twice that to be safe.

I usually fish 60 Golden Fish Sticks at the beginning of any week and use about 40 before the end. I have the extra 20, just in case we have a really bad wipe night. I always carry 300 Symbol of Kings at the beginning of any raid because there are times after a really bad raid night that I will log out without restocking and need to be ready right away the following day. 300 is a lot, it’s probably overkill, but it’s only 3 stacks and I’m always prepared.

Answers To Excuses #5 and #6

I don’t buy excuse #5 and you’d be hard-pressed to convince me otherwise. If you are over-aggroing, it is not because of your food buff, elixir, or otherwise. You need to adapt. In most cases, a change in your spell / attack / shot rotation or waiting just a few seconds for the tanks to build aggro before starting your DPS will accomodate any extra buffs you have. This also means you need to get a feel for how often you crit and the affect it’s having on your aggro.

Excuse #6 upsets me because it tells me that someone believes they don’t need to bring their ‘A game’ to a raid before we get to the boss. It doesn’t upset me because I feel it affects me personally in the raid, it upsets me because I find it disrespectful to the others in the raid.

But those elixirs are pricey, Ky!!

I don’t care!!! So are mine and I use them every single time! Based on the Big Brother addon I’ve been using, so do a lot of other people in my guild. I’ll bet you find in your own raid that it’s the same. What makes it right for you not to be as prepared and ready as they are?!

I’ll make a concession with you. If you’re running Kara with an elite group, I won’t say anything. I told my guild that I won’t say anything to them. I still think it’s wrong as the majority in the raid are still using all of theirs, so why handicap yourself in a raid that will go just a bit faster if you buff up?

In Closing

I will continue to monitor raid buffs in the future. What will be the outcome? As of right now, probably nothing except my addon and the public knowledge as I post it for all to see. Will it affect them? I can almost guarantee a few of them will never be affected by it. Only their conscience can decide.

So what about you? Does that mean you shouldn’t do anything about it? I suppose that’s up to you and your conscience.

All I’m asking is for you to pull your weight and be fair to everyone else by bringing your ‘A game’.

Remember, I’m pulling for ya. We’re all in this together!

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