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A Disappointing Week for Raiding…

Only raids that happened this last week were ZA and Kara. Rather disappointing considering we have downed Void Reaver and almost got Rage Winterchill down the previous week.

There’s a lot of discussion amongst the officers about what to do about it. The suggestions range from the asinine to the “That just might work!” epiphanies. Overall the discussions only emphasize the frustrations felt by many right now.

How To Fix The Problem

Some of the suggestions that came about from our discussions are:

  • Demote everyone that hasn’t logged for a 25 man raid in the past week to Member.
  • Require a minimum attendance of 3 raids/week from every member or /gkick them.
  • Require all raiders to sign up on our raid calendar. Demote those that don’t.
  • Become a hardcore guild.
  • /gkick them all!

Demote everyone that hasn’t logged for a 25 man raid in the past week to Member.

Demoting everyone that hasn’t logged for a 25 man raid in the past week doesn’t sound too drastic, except that a few announced they wouldn’t be around much this week. So where to draw the line? Unfortunately, a few of those that announced it are the ones that a few officers want to demote, so that really doesn’t solve the problem.

In addition, we can’t do this if we intend to keep the ‘casual’ side of our guild alive. One of the key things people like about the ‘casual’ environment is not feeling the pressure of keeping a certain attendance alive to stay in the guild.

I am completely fine with having people in the guild that don’t want to raid. Many of the officers disagree with me on this as they’d like to kick everyone that doesn’t raid. Fortunately, we don’t really have too many of those. However, I also believe that anyone in the guild should be ready to raid if we need them to. If you are on, whether your main or alt, you should be available to raid. If you can’t raid, don’t log on.

Require a minimum attendance of 3 raids/week from every member or /gkick them.

Again, not a drastic move by any means since we are a raiding guild, but also causes the problems of maintaining a ‘casual’ atmosphere. There’s also the headache of maintaining and adjusting ranks accordingly. We utilize our website tool to track attendance, but some officers still aren’t using this tool in all raids, so it’s sporadic at best.

Require all raiders to sign up on our raid calendar. Demote those that don’t.

This suggestion started out as being just ‘require all raiders to sign up on our raid calendar’. It’s something we’ve tried to enforce in the past, but it doesn’t work. I argued with the officer that suggested it, that if we enforce it we have to be consistent.

The problem lies in scheduling a raid on the calendar, requiring all those wishing to attend to sign up, and then refusing to invite those that didn’t sign up and refusing to go on a raid when not enough sign up. This is a problem both with the members and officers. By going on raids, even when people haven’t signed up, we have encouraged members to not sign up.

The discussion evolved into perhaps rewarding those that sign up by demoting those that don’t. This option still keeps our casual way of being able to run raids whenever we have enough people on, but also encourages people to utilize the calendar so we have a better feel for knowing when we can raid.

Become a hardcore guild.

This is too generic a solution. In general, I’m opposed to going ‘hardcore’. Everyone’s definition is different enough that it makes this difficult. The suggestions in general were to schedule set raids at set times repeatedly each week, require min attendance or be /gkicked, perform to certain standards, track preparation, etc.

Basically, a few officers want this as they think it’ll alleviate a lot of problems, but personally I think it’ll create a lot of headaches, especially since no one wants to track all of that.  Amazing how fast people will back down from their solutions when you volunteer them to do all the work.

Ironically, I may be a ‘hardcore’ raider, but I want a ‘casual’ guild.

/gkick them all!

This is the asinine suggestion. That’s what happens when you get a bunch of frustrated people together working their hardest to try and find a solution, but are at a loss for what to do. LOL!


So what’s the answer? I wish I knew.

We still have to discuss it, but I do like the suggestion of looking at people’s ranks and adjusting as necessary. We have a lot of people in guild that are worried about ranks and put a lot of stock into it. There are times I really wish I was just at the bottom so I wouldn’t have to worry about all of this, but at the same time I enjoy coming up with solutions.

Ultimately, I’m going to argue consistency. Whatever solution we come up with or whatever action we end up taking, IT HAS TO BE CONSISTENT. We can’t promote or demote people just because. We can’t require people to sign up for raids and then run a different raid. We can’t run raids people don’t sign up for. We can’t /gkick people on a whim. There needs to be set rules and they have to apply to all.

So what are your guilds doing to entice people to raid these last few weeks before the expansion?

*On a side note, I got Erdkrieg up to level 51 from 47 this weekend!  WOOHOO!!  I pointed out to a friend that at the rate we’re raiding I’ll probably get him to 70 before the expansion.  /sigh


2 Responses

  1. What a lovely blog? Have I been here before? I doubt it….

    anyway I think you really need to think about the vision of the guild. Go back to basices. Visualize it. What kind of guild do you want to be? Work with the guild policies etc. You need to look over it ANYWAY before the expansion. Chick GM has written a great post about work to do now if I remember it right.

    We’re able to keep up raiding. We do have attendency requirements but only 2 out of the 3 raids we run every week. While raiding we’re very serious and we all come prepared. We’ve been quite successful recently and I’m convinced the energy that comes out of it will keep us raiding now until nov 13.

  2. Dissent has managed to keep on raiding since the patch, and we’re looking like raiding right up to WotLK release day.

    Now, we’re a ‘hardcore’ guild, we raid 5 nights a week, but we maintain a good casual atmosphere as well. Here’s how.

    Our highest pre-officer rank is ‘Core Raider’. We have maybe 30 of these (counting officers who fill the core group as well)? Enough to form a 25-man raid team and still have a few extras to shuffle the numbers of healers/dps/tanks around as needed. Core Raiders are expected to be ready to raid, repaired, consumables brought, etc., at a fixed time on raid nights. We have an ‘Afk’ forum on the website where you’re expected to warn everyone of absences. We expect roughly 3/5 to 4/5 raid attendance, and will tolerate the occasional off-week, but if someone is consistently missing too many raids, they get demoted.

    Below Core Raider is ‘Reserve Raider’. Reserve Raiders are people who are well enough geared to contribute to raids, able to make some raid times, but not committed to being part of the core group. Core Raiders always get preference in raids, but if there are spots left, any Reserve Raiders who are on are expected to be able to come. They tend to see a fair bit of raid time, because there are always Core Raiders who are late/can’t make raid. Because there is basically one full 25-man raid with a few subs for role balance, one person missing often means a reserve is brought in.

    Below that we have social ranks. These are just people who enjoy being in the guild, and will often come along for lighter content (like when we roll through kara or something). They’re asked if they want a raiding spot if we’re really desperate for people, but we understand they’re not raiders and may say no.

    Every guild’s different and this may not help, but it’s another perspective anyway.

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