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With the new patch and the nerfing of all bosses, things are apparently extremely easy now. A guild run before I logged in had a full clear of Kara in just a few hours (granted we were already at about 4-5 hours anyway, but still). A 25 man raid of Hyjal resulted in us downing Rage Winterchill before I had to log. Not sure how much further they got.

FYI. We had absolutely no right in downing Rage! People not on vent, standing in Death and Decay, among other things. But down him we did. Not that exciting with such a large nerf.

We expect that we’ll down several more bosses than previously anticipated. How about you?

[Edit 10/17: Void Reaver was a joke last night!  BigWigs and DBM didn’t work properly to announce Arcane Orbs, but those that got hit took little damage and we breezed through it.  Two healers died leaving us with four and we still managed to get him down!]