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When Zombies Attack…

I’ve been so engrossed with the new achievement system and Hallow’s End that I haven’t had time to complete a couple of posts that I’ve been working on, but I just absolutely have to comment on the zombies!!

In every major city and in many minor ones, you’ll see zombies and skeletons galore.  You’re also bombarded with the whiny crybabies complaining about how Blizzard sucks, they’ve ruined the game, they didn’t plan ahead, it’s unfair how zombies can attack and infect you when you aren’t flagged, and on and on and on…

OMG!  Grow up!!

Is it annoying?  Yes.  Bankers, healers, flight points, and every other NPC respawns after a couple of minutes.  You get infected, you die, you have to run back a long way, it costs you gold in repairs, and if you’re leveling it interrupts your routine.  Inconvenient?  Absolutely!

Who cares?!

First, we whine that there’s never any new stuff.  Then we whine about the new stuff.  We’re never happy.  Everything is always unfair and then when they cater to us and change what we want, we whine that they screwed it up even more.

I’m here to say that I think the zombies are hilarious!  Last night I was in Ironforge minding my own business.  A player zombie attacked me and I nearly killed him when the infection took me over and I changed.  I laughed, the two of us then proceeded to attack others until we died.  We ran back rezzed and went about our business.

Annoying?  Not really.  Even though I was doing something and minding my own business it’s part of the game for the time being and I accept it.  In some ways, it’s fun.

I can feel a change in me that’s taken place since I helped start my guild.  I don’t have patience for whiners anymore.  I actually take a perverse pleasure in everyone crying about everything now.  There are those in my guild that jumped all over the chance to become zombies and kill other players.  Now they’re the ones crying the loudest about how much it sucks.  The irony kills me.

I finally spoke up and told everyone I thought it was funny.  I’ve only participated in two attacks.  The one last night and then once before when I went to Ratchet, but I only attacked NPCs and not the lowbies just to try it out.

I told my guildmates to have fun with it and instead of getting mad I told them to get even.  Get a group of them together, become zombies, and attack others.  Mostly I’m kidding, but I told them to “do unto others before they do unto you.”

Thing is there are ways to avoid the zombies.  Avoid the cities.  Know what you want and get through them fast.  Or just don’t play for the next couple of weeks.  I play a lot and I’ve only been infected three times against my will.  All this while Shattrath was under constant zombie attack and Erdkrieg who can’t even fly yet hasn’t been infected at all running through Shattrath!!

So now you know my thoughts, what are yours?  Is it funny or annoying?  Do you participate or avoid?

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