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Fishing in Orgrimmar

When I first heard achievements were going to be introduced, I thought “That’s just stupid”.  But then I thought how I play games on XBox360 and sometimes find myself doing some of the dumbest repetitive things to get those achievements.

Achievements don’t really add up to much.  You can get some tabards, mounts, and titles from completing certain ones, so yes there are rewards, but there is nothing really affecting game play. The greatest reward is that it introduces a new way to play the game.

When I’m bored I find that I look to the achievements to give me something to do.  Last week I finally completed all the exploration achievements currently possible and have half-heartedly looked at the Hallowed End’s achievements.  The PvP and the masks are something I’m not looking forward to trying to complete. So last night I decided to work on fishing.

I decided first to go to Orgrimmar and fish there for The Fishing Diplomat and Fish Up Old Crafty.

I have two Horde characters on a different server.  One is level 1 and the other is level 4.  I’ve never been to Orgrimmar, except to run into it just far enough to get the exploration credit.  Luckily I happened to stumble on the right path and died half way there when a slew of Hordies decided to kill this lone Holy Pally daring to infiltrate their city.

Running back, I rezzed while no one was around and proceeded to run to my destination.  I think the area is called the Valley of the Spirits, but regardless it’s where the huts are at in shallow water.  Once I got there, I had outdistanced the mobs and they ran back to their places.  I was set!

I happened to find a rock in back to hide behind when I noticed a level 70 Draenei hiding behind a hut fishing as well!  LOL!  Anyway, she cheered me on and proceeded to fish.  We happened to run into a lower level Tauren that waved at us and generally left us alone.  After about an hour she finally happened to catch Old Crafty and told me there’s apparently a glitch if you have the Crocolisks in the City quest that will help you catch Old Crafty faster. So I dumped my crocolisk and continued fishing.

I finally logged out because a level 70 Hordie decided to stand around me and was apparently getting a friend to come because a little while later a level 70 mage attacked me. I exited the game before entering combat and that’s where I am. I intend to log back in and get me Old Crafty later today.

So fishing is my current priority with regards to achievements. What’s yours?


One Response

  1. I dropped by Org today and did a spot of fishing… flew most of the way in, got lost and ganked by a guard… would have been so much easier if I had taken the right (left) turn.

    One death on way in…

    Then dropped by RFC for another quick achievement
    2 deaths getting to RFC…

    Then though I would see if I cuold pick up 5 kills… forgot I was on PvE server… lots of fireworks, no PvP flags… so a couple of deaths for naught..

    All in good fun though… 2 achievements and a bit of a discovery achievement

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