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First Day of Wrath…


OK, I didn’t stay up until midnight hanging out at the local store to pick up my copy. I was however up until about 11:30pm, but even if I had gone (which I considered) it wouldn’t have done me any good because I wouldn’t have had time to install, let alone play, it anyway.

However, my wife did have an eye doctor’s appointment in the early afternoon and she needed me to babysit, so I got to leave work early, pick up a copy, and play for a little bit.

First thing I did was turn in the 23 daily quests on Kyrilean and Maedchen which was worth about 278,000 experience. Most of the quests were giving me 12,750 experience, I think. A couple of them like the mining cart quest in the mines in Netherwing Ledge gave me 15,870.

I pointed it out to my fellow officers and one thought that wasn’t very much for all those quests with all the new Northrend quests and mobs. I pointed out that I did the quests the night before the expansion and since I turned them all in within about 15 minutes, I’d say it was worth it! That’s 1/6th of the way to 71.

Anyway, I did a few more quests with Maedchen in Borean Tundra because Kyrilean’s hearthstone was on cooldown and I couldn’t get to Stormwind easily. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to run any of the new dungeons because of some things I had to do at home, like take care of the kids when my wife went out that evening.

On the plus side, I did get to complete the Death Knight quests, although it took some time because I was always going AFK. Definitely recommend that everyone do that because the quests were just fun. When I get home I’ll have to post a pic of me acquiring my Acherus Charger. I was in stitches from laughing so hard!

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