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Fishing Achievements: The Coin Master

Gone Fishin'When I first started playing WoW, I tried fishing and I’m embarrassed to admit that it took almost two days to finally figure out how to do it. It took two days to find that gear icon… /blush

Anyway, I ignored fishing for most of my BC career until I actually found out that there were good ways to make money at it. Again, embarrassed to admit that I didn’t do research back then and had no clue that food buffs are such an important part of raiding.

I hated fishing. I finally found out that leveling fishing is based on successful catches and not on difficulty like all the other profressions. So I fished in Stormwind constantly and while waiting for boats. Finally when I couldn’t take not having it maxed any longer I spent two hours in Stormwind to level from 225 to 285. Once I got to 285 I grabbed a bunch of lures and headed to Hellfire Peninsula. At least there, I felt like I was actually working my way up to the good stuff.

Once I had a purpose for fishing, other than just leveling, fishing became fun! So soon after the expansion hit and I did about a dozen quests, I started fishing pools that were being neglected because people were trying so hard to quest. Questing was so annoying because everyone was on the same quest so why compete anyway?

Once I got to Dalaran, via the BG trick, I fished for a few hours a day in the Dalaran pool. By Monday afternoon I maxed out fishing and had all of my coin achievements: A Penny For Your Thoughts, Silver In The City, There’s Gold In That There Fountain, and The Coin Master.

I like fishing when I don’t have much to do and although I haven’t researched all the food buffs available for endgame, I know fishing will be an important part of it so I’m glad I’m already done with that part. Besides, no one in my guild will max it out any time soon anyway. /sigh

Ironically…I hate fishing in real life.

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