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Quick Update on Wrath

Pavlov's Dog– Finally dinged 80 last Tuesday…I think.  As only the 2nd level 80 healer in our guild I was quickly asked to fill in.  I still had most of the pre-Wrath healing gear so that wasn’t good.  I leveled as Ret and took most of the upgrades I could from that, except where I thought I wouldn’t get better until I ran instances and heroics.

– Hit 80 by the way without a single quest completed in Icecrown or Storm Peaks.  Average quest in those two areas awards me 13g instead of the experience.  Wow that adds up!  🙂  Started with roughly 2500g pre-Wrath and now have over 7500g!!


– Got the achievement for Storm Peaks quests.  I was always big into Norse mythology as a kid and it was a lot of fun finding the comparisons.  Got the lesser shoulder enchant.  Working on Exalted.

– Started working on Icecrown.  Having more fun there than I thought I would.  The instance is so dark and I was not impressed with the undead in either of the Plaguelands.  Icecrown however has been done so much better.  Hope to finish it in the next couple of days.

– Hit a few heroics.  The daily and heroic daily yesterday were both Utgarde Pinnacle.  Fantastic instance by the way.  Didn’t do it on normal.  Took a long time, but found some great people to pug it with.  They were patient and we did it!  Now up to 34 Emblems.  One more and I could get a shield, but debating if I should wait for a belt.  Get a little more bang out of that one.

– Forgot to wear a tabard on the first 1.5 heroics! DOH!!! Working on Wyrmrest Accord. Almost there.  Only 6-7k left.  Finally flew around and picked up the rest of the tabards.

– Still need to research if there’s more than one daily quest for Kalu’ak.  I want that Mastercraft Kalu’ak Fishing Pole.

– Biggest notice on Pally healing: my mana doesn’t last like it used to.  I’m using more Holy Light than not.  I’ve had to learn how to incorporate Divine Plea. Who says pally healing is boring?

– At 425 on Enchanting.  Too cheap to buy mats, so I quest for items to DE.  7+ gold for Infinite Dust and 25+ gold for Greater Cosmic Essence is ridiculous in my opinion!  This is why I have over 7500g.

– Maxed out mining in Sholozar Basin mostly.  Mined Saronite and Titanium.  Laughed at Horde and Alliance ninjas alike!  Saw three guys fighting over a node.  One mined it and refused to loot.  The other two bided their time.  I moved on and found a Titanium node not far from them.  One of them would have gotten it if they’d not been such idiots!  ROFL!

– Spiced up questing by switching weapons.  Got my achievements for getting 4 skills up to 400 and Unarmed up to 400.  Continued on and maxed out Axes, Swords, Maces, their 2H equivalents, Polearms, and Unarmed to 400.  Now what?

– Absolutely loving phasing!!!


6 Responses

  1. Where did you get the other quest for Storm Peaks? I’m stuck at 69 >_<

  2. If I remember correctly, I started around K3. I then moved to Brunnhildar and then to Dun Niffelem. That was probably the majority of the quests in the area as they had me going all over. The other area for several quests is in Frosthold, which I haven’t completed all of those yet.

    If you haven’t done the questline to get the Sons of Hodir rep, then you’re going to miss out on the majority of the zone. Look up Sons of Hodir on WoWHead and it’ll tell you where to start. It’s a really long chain btw, but definitely worth it for the shoulder enchants.

  3. Yeah I’ve already finished the Sons Of Hodir questline.
    Where is Frosthold? That’s prolly the area I’m missing.

  4. I think WoWHead and WoWWiki have maps, but it’s mostly to the west and a little south. Do enough of those, there’s a cool surprise if you either know Warcraft lore or if you happened to play and remember Warcraft 3. 🙂

  5. There are 3 Kulu’ak dailies. 1 in BT, 1 in Dragonsblight, and 1 in HF. There is a boat, that is the coolest ever btw, to each of the 3 villages.

    The BT daily is actually west of that village along the coast. The dragonsblight daily is right next to the flight path. The HF daily requires a quest chain to unlock.

    Each daily rewards 500 rep. I would also recommend just doing all of the quests available in the three areas to minimize the number of dailies required.

    It took me a little over a week to get exalted with them.

    Hope that helps some.

  6. thanks. I’m going to find Frosthold today then.

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