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First Time in Naxxramas…

Yesterday I posted in the Guild Message of the Day that if we had enough people on and enough interest we could try Naxxramas. I think a few people were hesitant, but several were excited. We’ve all read that it’s easier than Kara was initially and I’d have to agree. Naxx is harder than Kara obviously, but the transition from level 80 heroics to Naxx isn’t that bad.

Anyway, we started later than we hoped and one of our tanks had to leave. Assuming he got called in to work, but didn’t ask. Must have been important because there’s no way he would have missed this run for anything.

Anub’Rekhan down after 3rd attempt.  Chivalric Chestguard dropped and yours truly really wanted it, but gave it to another holy pally that really needed it! Yes, I was Loot Master and yes I gave it away. Now watch it won’t drop for 4 months. LOL!

Grand Widow Faerlina down after 3rd attempt (I think). Grieving Spellblade dropped. Because the other pally already had an item, I could have asked for it, but the spellpower was the same for me. I wanted it for the crit and Intellect increase. My mace has mp5. I did let a mage know he could have it if he wanted it since the pally already got something, but he wanted to pass to a healer (which is part of the loot rules) so we both passed and gave it to the same pally. Told the pally if the shield drops off Maexxna that I was taking it. I have a green. 🙂

Maexxna down to 18% (at least the one time I remember). We were so close to getting the spider down several times, but after that 2nd web spray we just weren’t able to survive. Healing it by the way is rough, but keeping the mana up isn’t bad. Make sure to have someone that can get rid of the poison or you’re dead.

We had a pretty good night. We went into Naxx with only a couple of us thinking we could get the first boss down. Most thought we wouldn’t get anywhere, but it would be fun just to see. Instead we got two bosses down and almost a third. And to top it all off…

…I FORGOT TO TAKE SCREENSHOTS!!! (I was too excited. 😦 )

P.S. For those of you looking for my Pally Healing posts, I have another and am working on at least two more. I will try to remember to post the next one sometime tomorrow. I tend to forget over the weekend.

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