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Be Imba! & The Law of the Upgrade

Be Imba! is back up and running and could I be any happier?!

I ran it last night and found that my boots weren’t enchanted. Will I ever learn? No, that’s what Imba is for. Also my shield isn’t either, but I just got the drop off Maexxna last night.

About that. I stumbled on another Law of Raiding last night.

    Law of the Upgrade – When you purchase the Emblem upgrade you’ll finally get that drop you’ve been waiting for on your next raid.

Last night I logged on and asked some friends to help me get 3 more emblems so I could buy a shield. So we ran Heroic Utgarde Keep. Easy 3 emblems. In fact we even took a newly dinged 80 warlock guildie with us for his first heroic run. It went well.

Ported back to Dalaran. Purchased my shield. Equipped it. Grabbed mats out of bank. Enchanted my shield. Guild decided to go back into Naxx. Defeat Maexxna for first time. All is good. Start handing out loot. Nice shield. Better than my emblem shield. SON OF A …..!!



2 Responses

  1. It’s written in the stars that this happens, I swear.

  2. […] Not Enter! Posted on December 13, 2008 by kyrilean The other night when I bought my shield and then got the upgrade we were running heroics and then decided to go back into Naxx. We all entered and sat down to […]

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