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Can You Spell Steal Beacon of Light?

I’ve been busy.  I’m swamped at work with contracts and a bid date on Monday.  Holidays are upon us and with shopping, visiting Santa, and playing WoW I haven’t had a lot of time for posts.  I promise I’m working on that macro post for pally healing.

In the meantime, I looked at my Blog Stats and yesterday someone found my site by searching for:

    can you spell steal beacon of light

That search struck me as so odd that it got me thinking. Even if you could why would you want to?

First, this must be a PvP player. Second, s/he must be looking for a way to hinder pally healing in a PvP environment.

What little I do know about PvP tells me that you always kill the healers first, unless you’re Horde because then you know that Alliance has few healers and what few they have usually run around like chickens with their heads cut off (at least in my battlegroup).

So why would you want to spell steal Beacon of Light? Just kill the pally that cast it. If you’re concentrating on killing the target of the heal, you aren’t doing your job. Kill the healer first.

Also, read the spell description. Only the heals from the caster of Beacon of Light can affect the beacon. No other heals from any other healer benefits from this spell. Man I wish! So why spell steal? You can’t use it.

If anyone knows of another argument as to why you would want to spell steal Beacon of Light, please let me know. I may not like PvP, but I like knowing stuff.


One Response

  1. well, what if the Holydin casted BoL on himself? (or even on a partymember, doesnt matter)
    if you spellsteal it and any heals from the healadin will heal you too, its totally a win situation for you as mage.
    although, in arena, you would always kill whatever you can, so
    “You arent doing your job” isn’t really right.
    And every heal that pally will cast will heal you too!
    So if you are attacking him, maybe with his partner on your @ss, and he has to heal himself, he also keeps you alive with it. (IF the spellsteal works properly)


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