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Pally Healing 320* – Macros

All right!  You’ve made it this far.  You’ve learned all you can about actual healing, right? Good you’ve learned that you’ll always be learning and that you’ll never know everything. But you do know the basics and some advanced tricks you’ve picked up along the way, so you might be asking yourself “What else can I do to improve?”

This time we’re gonna talk macros. Let me first point out that I am no expert at macros by any stretch of the imagination.  I’ve tested these macros to the best of my ability, but there could be problems with them.

What is a macro?

For a detailed explanation about macros, I highly recommend visiting WoWWiki.  There’s also quite a bit of information regarding making a macro as well. In fact some of the macros here come directly from this site. Think of a macro as a command or set of commands to perform actions in game.

A macro can be as simple as:

    /cast Holy Light

The game is full of macros; you normally just don’t see them that way.

Mouseover Macros

My favorite macros for healing are mouseover macros. I’ve been utilizing these for about a year. For anyone familiar with the addon HealBot you already know what a mouseover macro is even if you don’t know you know. But you do know, you know?

A mouseover macro allows you to “mouseover” a target and perform an action affecting that target. For example, if I hover my mouse over the tank and cast Holy Light, the spell will heal the tank if I have a mouseover command associated with it. The beauty of this is that I can also hover over my UnitFrames and the mouseover command works there as well. So here’s how you set that up:

    #showtooltip Holy Light
    /cast [target=mouseover, exists] Holy Light; Holy Light

OK, what does this mean?

#showtooltip [insert spell name] means when you put your macro onto your action bar the popup description of that spell will appear when you hover over the icon just as it does for any of your normal spells. Yes, you can assign the wrong spell descriptions to other spells or actions.  (If you were really cruel and had access to a friend’s account you could potentially have a lot of fun with this.  LOL!)

/cast [target=mouseover, exists] Holy Light means that Holy Light will be cast whenever a mouseover target exists. If no target exists then the spell won’t cast.

Well what good is that?

That’s where the next part after the semi-colon comes in. You see the Holy Light after the semi-colon? That is the next part of the command. If the first part of the macro is invalid it moves to the next. In this case there is no target specified and Holy Light will cast. Now based on how you have your options set up this will do one of three things. First, it will heal your actual target you have selected. If you have no target selected, but you have your options set to cast beneficial spells on yourself, then it will cast the spell on you. If you do not have the option selected, it will error out and not cast.

Complicated? First time I ever tried to understand this I thought so. If you’re not sure you understand go back and re-read that until you do. Once you see it you’ll see that it’s very simplistic. It’s an IF…THEN statement. IF the mouseover target exists, cast the spell on the target. IF the mouseover target does not exist, THEN move to the next option. The next option in this case says to just cast Holy Light. Default parameters of the game say that is the target and to not cast when no target is selected. The combat options allow for beneficial spells to affect yourself whenever no target or no friendly target is selected if you so choose. As long as you can fit it in the space of the macro, you can keep putting in parameters to make it an IF…THEN…ELSE…ELSE…ELSE… You get the idea.

So what are the healing macros, you ask?

    #showtooltip Holy Light
    /cast [target=mouseover,exists]Holy Light; Holy Light
    #showtooltip Flash of Light
    /cast [target=mouseover,exists]Flash of Light Light; Flash of Light
    #showtooltip Holy Shock
    /cast [target=mouseover,exists]Holy Shock; Holy Shock
    #showtooltip Cleanse
    /cast [target=mouseover,exists]Cleanse; Cleanse

/stopcasting?! What’s that? It’s a command that interrupts whatever you are currently casting and begins to cast this spell. Basically this command takes away the need for you to move to stop your casts. Convenient, ain’t it? 🙂

These are the four mouseover macros I use.  Make more as you see fit. You’ll probably notice that I don’t have one for Lay on Hands.  I’m not sure why, but for some reason I’m more comfortable keeping that one as a forced target spell. It’d definitely be easier with a mouseover macro, but I’m having a hard time changing my own way of thinking around that spell right now.

Focus Macros

/focus target is a handy macro to remember and I have an icon on my action bar for it. Most healers use this to make sure they keep the tank readily accessible in raids so they aren’t looking all over their raid UIs to find him/her as they heal others. I use /focus to target the boss instead. The reason is so I can watch the boss’ health. Using X-Perl, my target of target frame doesn’t really stand out and catch  my eye. This makes is a little tougher for me to watch it out of the corner of my eye. How you use it is up to you, but knowing how much health the boss has determines how much mana I need to conserve and when I can afford to go all out. Imagine being at 20% mana with the boss at 30% health and knowing you cannot afford to spam Holy Light.

What can you do with focus macros? There’s a lot. You’ll see a lot of healers making the main tank or their primary healing assignment their focus. Doing so allows one to set up their spells to heal their focus without resorting to manual targeting or mouseovers. Take this for example:

    #showtooltip Holy Light
    /cast [target=mouseover,exists]Holy Light; Holy Light

Now let’s add…

    #showtooltip Holy Light
    /cast [target=mouseover,exists]Holy Light; [target=focus,exists]Holy Light; Holy Light

What did we do? We added another condition to our spell. The first part tells us if there exists a mouseover target cast Holy Light, if not proceed to the next condition which is our focus target. If the focus target does not exist, it then moves to the actual target or yourself if you have no target and have that combat option enabled.

You can see the immense power you’ve got with setting up your spells utilizing macros. But remember you only have 255 characters worth of space in a macro so condensing it really helps. A shorter way to write this macro would be:

    #showtooltip Holy Light
    /cast [target=mouseover,exists][target=focus,exists]Holy Light; Holy Light

What we’ve done here is stack the different targets together before the actual spell is cast. It does not switch targets as it goes through, it will select the first valid target for that spell before moving on. The reason to put your focus target behind the mouseover target is if the focus target is first and it exists you’ll always heal that target until it dies before you can ever heal a mouseover. When building macros keep in mind the logic order you need to have or you can seriously hurt yourself and the raid.

Judgement Macros

Judgements can be a pain to utilize while healing. You’re almost always watching your raid frames to make sure the raid is staying alive. Next you’re trying to stay aware of your surroundings so you don’t die while standing in a blizzard. Then to top it off you’re trying to monitor the boss’ health, listen to direction on vent, watch stray mobs that may try to one-shot a clothie, potentially crowd control**, among a hundred other things.  The last thing we need is to keep an eye on a particular mob so we can judge it!

The thing is I’m a firm believer in using Judgement of Light during a raid. Ok, it doesn’t heal for a lot (personally seen it around 300) or even on every successful hit, but it does seem to work often and it affects everyone that hits the judged mob. That includes spellcasters as well as melee. The heal can really add up on overall raid and be significant for some of the DPS.

Ah who cares, we’ll survive.

Probably, but why not get the bonuses?

What bonuses?

Judgements of the Pure, which you should have maxed to get Beacon of Light, increases your haste by 15% for 60 sec. Sweeeeet!!!  Quicker heals!

Also if you went into the Ret tree to get the extra crit there, hopefuly you picked up Heart of the Crusader which increases the crit chance of anyone attacking that target by 3%. This hopefully translates into burning bosses down quicker which in turn conserves your mana!

OK Ky, just give it to me already.

Well here it is:

    /assist %t
    /cast [harm] Judgement of Light

You could use a /focus target macro here istead of the /assist %t, but I like the flexibility of moving the target of my judgement around based on different raid members and not necessarily just based on the tank. Oh if you don’t know the %t is a shortcut for whatever your current target is and assist basically targets their target. The [harm] clause only casts if your target’s target is an enemy. Don’t forget if you want to set this up for other judgements you can.

Resurrection Macro

I like to use this macro:

    #showtooltip Redemption
    /cast Redemption
    /stopmacro [nodead]
    /script local C; if(GetNumRaidMembers()>0) then C = “RAID” elseif(GetNumPartyMembers()>0) then C = “PARTY” else C = “SAY” end SendChatMessage(“Resurrecting %t.”, C)

Wow what’s all that mean? Remember how I said I wasn’t an expert? Yeah I didn’t come up with this one.  I got it from somewhere and I can’t remember where. But it doesn’t cast if my target is not dead. It first looks to see if I’m in raid and if I am it sends a message in raid chat that I’m resurrecting my target (%t). If I’m not in raid it looks to see if I’m in party. If I am in party it sends a message in party chat same as it would have in raid. If I’m in neither and going solo it sends the message using /say.

If you like something simpler, you could go with:

    #showtooltip Redemption
    /cast Redemption
    /stopmacro [nodead]
    /say Resurrecting %t. Tips appreciated.

Our Friend the Macro

There’s a lot that can be done with macros, even by those who don’t completely understand how to make them. As long as you can understand what they do, you can utilize them. There are experts out there giving us the macros and then adapting them as Blizzard changes the rules, so stay alert and watch for what changes.

Good luck and have fun healing!

*Why 320? I had a German 320 class I had to take that I think was a pre-req for all other 300 and 400 level classes or at least most of them. No idea why. Don’t think there was a 301 class come to think of it.
**We don’t normally think of ourselves being crowd control, but if no other pallies are available we can Turn Evil. I was caught off guard by this when a tank asked me to do so the other day. Fortunately it was on my bar and easy to do.


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  1. im lookin for my old macro i lost….it was for holy shock. it would heal any “body” i moused over or any name plate i moused over. it would also take priority in healin the selected (targeted) person first and healed myself when nothing was selected or moused over. but would also atck whatever was target. do u have a macro in the books for that by chance?

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