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Minimum Stats for Paladin Healing (and a note about 25 mans)

I’ve had several people find my site by searching for ‘minimum heals for pally’ and other similar searches. I haven’t done any math behind my reasoning, but this is what I found for myself when I started running heroics and 10 man raids. Stats are unbuffed.


    Spellpower: 1200-1300
    Crit: 23% (excluding the +6% for Sanctified Light)

10 Man Naxx

    Spellpower: 1400-1500
    Crit: 30% (again excluding Sanctified Light)

Having more is always beneficial, but having less is probably still doable. Again this is just where I was at and I found it to work for me by my being able to maintain mana. If you need help with that, please read my Pally Healing posts which go into a few tricks on how to maintain your mana pool. Last night running heroic Nexus, my tank commented on how my mana pool was always up and we didn’t have to stop to drink. I don’t think my mana dropped below 65% that whole run.

Everything sorta depends on your group as well. Even with those stats I never tried Halls of Lightning (and unfortunately still haven’t) and a run at Culling of Stratholme didn’t fair so well. Have a great tank and DPS that know how to avoid taking damage and everything’s easier. If nothing else go with something close to this and give it a try. The rest comes naturally. Good luck!

Oh by the way, last night we downed 25-man Obsidian Sanctum and the first two bosses in 25-man Naxx! We had to pug a few people in to make this happen, but it went extremely well. If you’re able to do 10-man Obsidian, I think you’re capable of 25-man and the loot is tons better! The fight is the exact same, you just need to down the adds fast! They get out of control rather quickly.

Oh and let your loot master know that when the Large Satchel of Spoils drops to let people roll for it. I assumed it was like Mag’s and held a bunch of gems so I announced on vent I’d open it up and distribute whatever was in it, but NOOOOO! It had gold and 5 Emblems of Valor! I FREAKING NINJA’D!!! MOTHER$#%!@#!!!!! People were laughing at me, but I was pretty pissed. If you know anything about me I hate ninjas. I told everyone that hadn’t gotten something to roll. Our GM tank won and I told him I’d give him 500g, but he declined and laughed at me.


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  1. Noob Ninja!! hahahahaha 😉 ya know i luv ya!

  2. You’re just mean! /cry

  3. Awwww…I’m sure your feelings are hurt too. 😛

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