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Stupid ways to die in Naxx…

…OK, one stupid way…

This was a few weeks ago, but anyway first few times past I didn’t die. After about the third wipe I started dying each time I ran past.  This was one of the times I died…twice! At this point in the raid people are crying.  😀

FYI, I pally bubble now…


2 Responses

  1. I very quickly gave up and just pally bubble every time now.

    Frogger is the new/old elevator boss.

  2. I died once.. the very first time.. and never again.. <– quicker learner 😛 however maybe due to lag or something, some people always used to die, it got that bad once after too many Grob wipes that the pallys were deliberaltely running into them so it would create a gap for the others to run through safely.

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