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Looking Forward 2009

For those of you less interested in the drama rants, I apologize for yesterday’s post. That stuff had been eating away at me for a little while. It started out fairly positive and while writing I couldn’t stop thinking about what drama had happened and then couldn’t make myself delete it.

But it’s all water under the bridge now. Time to look forward to 2009 and the great year that it can be! So what do I see for myself in 2009?



Given that I keep playing, I’m sure I’ll keep blogging. I don’t really set New Year’s resolutions; haven’t for years come to think of it. Instead I will set a few goals for myself about my blog.

First, I will set a goal of posting something Mon-Fri. I always find it easier during the week than on the weekends, but I haven’t been consistent in the past.

Second, I’m going to spend a little more time actively looking for inspiration. I’m sure everyone has a hard time coming up with topics they think are interesting that they can write about, but my problem lies more in that I begin to doubt that people will think they’re interesting enough to read. I think that’s because I went from having 10 hits per day up to just over 100 in just the last two months. Small potatoes for most of you, but somewhat intimidating for me.

Third, I want to come up with more humorous writing as that’s what I enjoy. I think I’m a funny guy. In fact, I think I’m downright hilarious! My wife tells me people are always laughing ‘at me’ and not ‘with me’. My response is, “A laugh’s a laugh.” I swear her eyes will fall out rolling them around like that.

Heroics & Raiding

Well I’m basically done with 5-man heroics on my main. I didn’t buy the T7 chest as I got something better in Naxx anyway and I can still use one trinket, but otherwise all my upgrades are in raids.

I have every intention of doing whatever it takes to help the guild finish all current raid content before the next raid is released.

Guilds & Friends

Like I said yesterday, I expect that is going to be one of the top raiding guilds on the US-Arathor server. We’re already in the top 20 on the Alliance side and it’s an Alliance heavy server. We’re pretty proud of the fact considering we’ve been a pretty relaxed guild.


Avoid it. Not sure how, but do whatever it takes to avoid as much as possible. I’m thinking the best way to do this is to be honest at all times. People may not always like to hear the truth, but most do and it saves a lot of BS later on.


Kyrilean is already geared for 25-man heroics according to Be Imba! and his goal is to finish content as it’s released and before new content is. He’s also got several achievements to work on. I’m addicted to trying to get as many as possible, with the possible exception of PvP which I’m struggling with wanting to do for the Achievement vs. not wanting to PvP. His biggest goal right now is get that repair mount for 17k gold. Yeah I know it’s a waste, but once I saw someone summon it inside Gun’Drak before the 3rd boss, I was sold!!!

Maedchen is slowly creeping her way to 80. I did almost every quest with Ky (got all the achievements anyway) so doing them all again is a little less fun. The other day I did stumble on a questline I missed where I got to go fight Horde leaders with King Wrynn and Jaina which was quite fun. BTW a level 73 shadow priest with 36k health is absolutely epic! 😉

Other main thing to do with Maedchen is just level up so I have the ability to fly and farm herbs everywhere. Maxed out herbology at 72 I think and alchemy was almost as easy. I’m tired of buying Flask of the Frost Wyrm and don’t want to pay for mats. I’d rather farm them and sell them too quite frankly.

Erdkrieg unfortunately never made it to 70 before the expansion. Haven’t played him since which is a shame because I really enjoy being an enhancement shammy. His goal is to get to 80 sometime before kid’s get out of school. Could use the engineering and jewelcrafting maxed too.

Kynigget. (I still think that’s a clever play on my main and the death knight. :D) Needs to level for the sole reason of inscription. I don’t even have a second profession yet, although I thought I had chosen blacksmithing. Guess not.

So sometime before the end of the year I’ll have 4 level 80s. That’s my goal. LMAO, yeah right!

Here’s to 2009!