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5 Steps to /gquitting

This past week we had several people quit our guild for various reasons. Of course to me the majority of those reasons were pretty petty:

    “I have a headache and don’t feel like spending a lot of time in Naxx.” – But yet you’re willing to come with Group 1 and spend 4+ hours with us.
    “I want a guild that will use me.” – Showing up on time is a good place to start.
    “I wasn’t made an officer.” – Show up for raids more than once a month*. We are a raiding guild after all.

And quite possibly a hundred more reasons that I don’t even know about.

The reason for this post is that we’ve already had people contact us about whether they could rejoin realizing that they made a mistake.

5 Steps to /gquitting

    1 – Decide Whether It’s Time to /gquit
    2 – Sleep On It
    3 – Inform Guild Officers
    4 – Make The Best Of It
    5 – /gquit

Decide Whether It’s Time to /gquit

People change. Guilds change. The only constant is change. What you once sought for in the game, from a guild, or as a player may no longer apply to you in the future. What a guild offers, promises, or seeks to attain may adapt over time to something not quite in sync with what you want.

Here are some examples of things to ask yourself when thinking of /gquitting.

Why do I want to quit? What has changed from the time you joined the guild to now? Is this about loot? Is it about the other members? Is this about the officers?

What do I want from this guild? Are you impatiently waiting for others to get their act together so you can progress further in the game? Is the skill level of the guild’s members not at the level you expect and desire? Have my goals changed to an extent that it no longer meets the goals of the guild?

What does this guild want from me and others? Am I an active member or on the sidelines as their backup? Are their expectations too high? Are their expectations too low? Is the stress of meeting their demands too much? Headaches? Loss or lack of sleep? Yes, I know people that lose sleep over some of the stress the game causes. No game is worth your health.

Have I received offers from other guilds? First, remember the “grass is always greener”. Do your homework on any guild you don’t already know about or don’t have people you know in those guilds. If you don’t have offers from other guilds and being in a guild is a high priority for you, don’t jump just yet.

Do I feel left out? Not being invited to raids? Not included in the social conversations? No one likes to be left out even in a non-social guild. A guild is a community, even if it isn’t primarily there for socializing. If you aren’t feeling that sense of community, perhaps it is time to move on.

Are real life responsibilities interfering with my game? Families change. People move. Jobs change. People marry. Babies are born. Just remember that no amount of gaming success can surpass failure in real life. Find the balance.

Sleep On It

Generally though, most people find themselves contemplating a /gquit when they are extremely emotional. Perhaps something hasn’t gone their way. They weren’t invited to that last raid, maybe the last five raids. The loot was distributed to another and it was “their” turn. Someone has angered, insulted, or offended them and this place just isn’t what it used to be.

Generally when you’re in a highly emotional state avoid the /gquit. More often than not you are in a state where you can’t see the forest for the trees and you may do something you’ll regret. Log out. Sleep on it. If you don’t feel as strongly in the morning about it as you did the night before, then you may have just saved yourself some drama.

Inform Guild Officers

After sleeping on it and still deciding that it is time to move on, find an officer to talk to and explain your reason for quitting. It doesn’t need to be a long detailed history of why, but a short, polite explanation.

In some cases, officers aren’t aware of the “problem” and would like the chance to rectify it. In other cases, it may be too late for them to “fix” the problem, but letting them know a problem exists gives them the opportunity to “fix” it for someone else.

Give the officer a chance to respond before quitting. If s/he ignores you or just says “OK”, then don’t hesitate to /gquit. If you were a valued member of the guild, they would show it by responding. That isn’t to say they’ll change things for you, but a good officer will at least want to understand your reasons and do what they can.

For example, I once had a member of a guild that wasn’t happy with the way loot was distributed. He in effect determined to leave if we didn’t change it to a system he preferred. I respectfully told him that the loot rules were set down from the beginning and adapted over time as required, but that we weren’t going to change the rules for one member.

Make The Best Of It

Whether you finally decide to /gquit or stay, make the best of it. Staying has it’s own consequences based on how you approached the problems and officers.

If you approached the officers with very little drama, it’s a safe bet that little negativity will be thrown your way. Although I have seen officers get all offended, hurt, etc. and react in a very poor way regardless. That’s a guild you don’t want to be in anyway.

If you approached the officers with complaints, whining, and calling everyone an idiot while you did it, then it’s a safe bet that if they persuaded you to stay they did so out of need and not because they wanted to. Guess what happens when that need goes away?


Know when and how to /gquit. Quitting while no one is on is the coward’s way out and if you do don’t use the excuse “oh no one was on when i quit or i’d have told you”.

If you decide to /gquit, make sure to do so quietly and respectfully. No announcements, “you all suck!!!”, “it’s been fun, it’s been real, but it hasn’t been real fun”, or other similar negative comments. A quick “thanks guys, but it’s time for me to move on” type announcement is a quiet way of leaving without causing a lot of drama.

Although generic reasons are often the most polite way to leave, they will come back and bite you.

Case in point, we had a member quit this last week after a few of the others did. He left the guild, while we were in a Naxx raid and couldn’t respond to him, by saying “this guild just doesn’t have what i’m looking for, thx”. Two days later he’s whispering all the officers about whether he can get back into the guild because “he made a mistake”.

I know I said people change and guilds change, but how much could we have possibly changed in two days to be the guild that does have what he’s looking for?

If you decide to /gquit, sleep on it first. Inform the officers. Make a clean break and /gquit.

*A slight exagerration, but it wasn’t even once a week.