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Missed Opportunities

FYI, this is completely non-WoW related.

I work in construction and I would have to agree that most of the stereotypes of construction workers have a certain amount of truth to them. We’re basically rough, tough, uncouth, marginally intelligent, dirty, smelly…

…OK, maybe not all of us.

Although I work in construction I do happen to work in an office. The company I work for is an international company and when adding in all the different subsidiary companies we are quite a large corporation. We have a business casual dress code, an atmosphere of professionalism, and serious work that happens throughout the day. In the office we definitely have what you could call a normal corporate work environment. Meaning there’s at least a little more class than what you might envision.

So it is with some surprise that I find myself in the restroom today when someone, who’s voice I did not recognize, comes in talking on his cell phone.  He proceeds to do his business quietly at the urinal and leave, all the while carrying on a conversation.

Two minutes earlier and I could have let one rip…