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Missed Opportunities

FYI, this is completely non-WoW related.

I work in construction and I would have to agree that most of the stereotypes of construction workers have a certain amount of truth to them. We’re basically rough, tough, uncouth, marginally intelligent, dirty, smelly…

…OK, maybe not all of us.

Although I work in construction I do happen to work in an office. The company I work for is an international company and when adding in all the different subsidiary companies we are quite a large corporation. We have a business casual dress code, an atmosphere of professionalism, and serious work that happens throughout the day. In the office we definitely have what you could call a normal corporate work environment. Meaning there’s at least a little more class than what you might envision.

So it is with some surprise that I find myself in the restroom today when someone, who’s voice I did not recognize, comes in talking on his cell phone.  He proceeds to do his business quietly at the urinal and leave, all the while carrying on a conversation.

Two minutes earlier and I could have let one rip…


3 Responses

  1. We have an unspoken yet strict “no talking in the restroom” rule in my office.

    That includes talking on your cell phone.


  2. I’m glad that the restrooms nearest me are…single room…things.

    Intersetingly, if you work in construction, you likely have dealt with or at least heard of the company I work at. Hee!

    /gets things done!


  3. Wow something about that seems so familiar and yet I can’t remember. I probably should know.

    You’re going to have to send me an e-mail cuz my brain’s gonna explode! casualhardcore DOT kyrilean AT gmail DOT com

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