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Shameless Recruiting Plug

This is a shameless plug, especially considering I’d be amazed if any players from Arathor-US actually read this blog, although then again one of the officers in my guild says he has a friend that does. I haven’t exactly advertised my blog in my guild let alone the server.

Anyway, I’m absolutely committed to making sure our guild begins a serious attempt at 25-man Naxx as we’ve completed 10-man Naxx once and had several attempts at Malygos. We need another week to gear up DPS. As such, I apologize to any readers for copping out on this one.

This was posted on the Alliance-Recruiting forums (I know, looks desperate doesn’t it?)

<ICESTORM> is an alliance raiding guild on the Arathor-US server [PST]. We have members from all over the US and Canada from PST to EST.  We are a casual raiding guild in that we will not dictate your spec, play style, or main toon, but understand respec’ing may result in limited raid invites.

Although we will review any applicant, we are actively recruiting:

– 2 Tanks
– 5 Melee DPS
– 5 Range DPS

Raid Member requirements:
– 3 Raids per week minimum 3 hours each.
– Raid signups via our website calendar: http://icestorm-arathor.guildomatic.com/
– Be prepared with food buffs, scrolls, flasks, elixirs, pots, reagents, etc.
– Addons: DBM and/or BigWigs, Omen, and Recount for those of you that ask for damage meters every 3 minutes.
– Performance (utilizing Recount, WWS, and your gear).
– Patience with wiping. If you want to be carried, we aren’t the guild for you. Find a guild that’s already got everything on farm.

Raid times [PST]:
Group 1:  3:30pm to 9:00pm (3 hour minimum. End time may vary.)
Group 2:  6:00pm to 9:00pm (Looking at adjusting this time based on majority of raiders’ wants.)
25-man:  6:00pm to 9:00pm (25-man raids will always take precedence over other raids whenever we have the people.)

Currently raid days are Tue-Thur and one weekend day based on which day works best for that group. We do however allow raids on other days if enough interest from members of those groups are online at those times (another aspect of our casual side).

What <ICESTORM> offers you:

– Laid back guild atmosphere of people enjoying the end-game.
– Assistance with enchanting mats (all unused loot DE’d), gems, and other items, but do not expect we will give everything to you without some contribution in return that helps the guild.
– Loot rolls based on rank with Raid Member through GM rolling as equals. Officers are no better and contribute no more than Raid Members. Further info can be found in our guild forums.
– The opportunity to clear every raid multiple times before the next raid is introduced. We can only claim OS(10 and 25) as on farm. We have cleared 10man Naxx once and defeated 2 bosses in 25man Naxx. We need more dedicated members to begin clearing 25man Naxx.

Please feel free to contact an officer in-game and/or submit an application on our website: http://icestorm-arathor.guildomatic.com/