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Diagnosis: BGS Casualty

Anyone who thinks running a raiding guild is easy is…well, an idiot. I never made the mistake of assuming that it would be easy. I always figured that it would take time, dedication, and quite frankly be a job which I likened to my own job. However, it was one that I figured I would enjoy and have fun with. Believe me it’s been fun and I still enjoy it, but it does have its moments…

The War

alliance-logo-wow-warcraftWithout going into details, I have two main issues. First, we are a raiding guild that struggles getting raids off the ground. This isn’t a problem the officers can easily fix. It’s a problem with recruiting the right kinds of people and motivating the current members to get with the program. Recruiting is something I’m currently working hard at doing.

Second, the solutions we constantly seem to discuss never get implemented. We’ve always had a problem with screening our recruits, but that has actually improved itself after several “unfortunate” recruits in the past eventually left the guild. But we do struggle with being consistent about some of our solutions whether it be about recruiting, promoting, raid times, invites, etc. The inconsistency has created more headaches for me than any other issue.

BGS: Battered Guildie Syndrome

Matticus posted a tongue-in-cheek story about something he terms Battered Guildie Syndrome. Obviously meant for fun it does hit on a rather serious issue that I think perhaps I’m personally experiencing.

Although I don’t suffer from all of symptoms of BGS, I do suffer from the following:

  • Obsessively sacrificing their needs “for the good of the guild”
  • Continues to go back to their guild despite wanting to leave
  • Frequently talks about leaving
  • A strong sense of loyalty

OK I need to be careful with what I’m saying here.

Obsessively sacrificing their needs “for the good of the guild”

I strongly believe in doing things “for the good of the guild”, but I don’t know that I would say I “obsessively” sacrifice my needs for that good. The way I see it I’m investing in my future. By helping others get their upgrades by passing, by allowing others to take my spot in raids when they can, and by generally just putting their needs in front of mine I hope to create an atmosphere where raiders want to stay.

You ever work for someone that was always looking out for you? It’s a great feeling and has always helped in instilling loyalty in me sometimes to a fault.

The drawback of course lies in those that get and get out. Also, I’m told it sometimes hampers the raid as I’m one of the core raiders and need to be one of the better geared compared to some that raid less often. I suppose that my looking out for others is something I just can’t let go of. Remember, I’m investing in my future so it isn’t all selfless.

Continues to go back to their guild despite wanting to leave

It’s not that I want to leave and it’s not that I’ve even spent a lot of serious time thinking about leaving, but I have thought about it in the past.  I’ve always dismissed it as being emotional because it’s usually when something frustrates me to the point where I can’t take it anymore that I consider leaving.  The next day I’m calmed down enough to not really go through with it.

Frequently talks about leaving

I wouldn’t say I frequently talk about leaving, but I do have a couple of friends that I have joked about it with. I know it was a complete shock to me too discovering that I make light of serious things as a coping mechanism.

One friend always says, “You’ll never leave”.

A strong sense of loyalty

I said I’ve been loyal to a fault and I think the same applies here as well. The one time that I seriously almost quit the guild was the one time where the only thing that kept me from doing it was a sense of loyalty to two of the fellow GMs I have.

I’ve been with these two guys for a long time now and we’ve come a long way since our <Field of Honor> days. As it is I cannot bring myself to let these two down.


I was sick with the flu the past two days and it was so bad yesterday that I couldn’t even play WoW. The two days away from the stress of playing actually was sort of nice. I spent some time paying attention to my family and doing what little I could to play with the kids which mostly involved tossing a small rubber basketball to my youngest.

This time off has actually got me dreading logging in tonight. I know it might sound narcissistic, but it always seems the drama hits when I’m not on. I play WoW to relax and Albert Einstein said it best when he defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

So doctors, what’s your treatment for me?

  • rolling_dice11Keep working at getting the guild where we want it to be?
  • Continue with the insanity and learn to live with it?
  • Quit while I’m behind?
  • Server transfer?
  • Or claim I’ve come down with a dreadful disease and excuse myself while re-rolling Horde on another server?