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An NRG Follow-Up To Taking Criticism

* Disclaimer: Some of the information contained herein is through secondhand sources. Not all of it presented may actually represent what happened. Remember there are always at least 3 sides to every story: Party 1, Party 2, and the Truth.

Saturday.  Roughly 10am server time.

An officer logs in to let us know that he had been talking to a member of an elite raiding guild on the server. This player had been helping another guild learn 25 man content as he is “bored with the game and thinking about quitting WoW altogether.” This elite player didn’t think that he’d be helping this other guild because “they can’t take criticism” and have “overly-sensitive” people. Our officer has convinced him to help us with our 10-man EoE run and potentially a 25-man Naxx run later.

Saturday. Roughly 12pm server time.

Several officers are now logged on. Begin discussing issue with a couple of them. We have players who are refusing to run with said “elite” player based on past run-ins.

    Advantages: learn from an exceptional player who knows several classes inside and out, a player who knows successful boss strategies, and being assisted by a well-geared player.Disadvantages: player has a reputation for being an @$$, could potentially alienate several core players in our guild, and be bad for overall morale.

After a debate which resulted in at least two officers thinking the players refusing to run with this guy should suck it up and deal with it or just not go and the remainder feeling that guildies come first, it was decided that we should at least talk to the people with the issue.

In the end, we made it perfectly clear that we did want to utilize this guy to help us learn where we were lacking, but were concerned how they would take it.  We did not want them to think we were picking this guy over them, even though that’s what we were in effect doing. I did point out that if the guy became abusive that I would not run with him either. One of the complaints was he has told people that they were “pieces of $#&! players”.

Saturday. 1pm server time.

In the end the players decided to suck it up and give it a chance. We were not able to finish EoE, but we did get to phase 3 on our first try which is something we’ve never done before. After pausing and having this “elite” player review Recount he pointed out where we were lacking and then after discussing potential respecs with a couple of players and asking them what they were doing, our dps was able to increase their dps from about 1400-1600 up to 2000! Overall, the experience was great! The player was not abusive and helped us understand a few issues.

Saturday. 4pm server time.

After about 3 hours of EoE, he organized a 25-man Naxx run for us and we were able to get three new bosses down this week. Patchwerk was a pain and this is where the raid started to feel like it would crumble. He was yelling in vent that the healers weren’t doing their jobs, complaining that people weren’t paying attention, calling people stupid, etc. I was afraid at this point the raid would fall apart, but everyone stuck it out. We put up with the crap so we could learn what we could.

Overall the day was a complete success! (Minus the wife aggro, of course. :))We saw huge increases in our dps as they were motivated to do more. Evidently BM spec is the “idiot” spec and of the 5 hunters in the group, 4 of them were BM. Once they got past the heavily sarcastic “Don’t you guys read patch notes?!” comments, I think a few of them actually will take the time to review whether BM is the way to go.


I am not saying or advocating that raiders need to take abuse, but I am saying learn to take criticism for what it’s worth. Some people just like the sound of their own voice and will chew others out because it makes them feel better. Some people have valid points regardless of whether or not they are jerks. Find the diamonds where you can to make you a better player.

P.S. I currently have 4 more posts in the NRG series. They are currently about raiding being expensive, finding the right guild, raid etiquette, and addons/programs. Is there anything else you would like to see or perhaps as an experienced raider would like newbie raiders to know?


6 Responses

  1. Oh it sounds like a great opportunity for everyone. As long as people can feel confident that even though this guy may yell at them, they still have a spot in the raid, they’re still appreciated, valued members of the guild, and that noone is looking down on them for being noobs, that the critizism is given as a gift, an offering of help, I can’t see any bad in it. But it was probably good that you discussed it thoroughly before. It’s a delicate thing to push for improvement and still keep a good guild atmosphere where people can feel relaxed and yet alert at the same time.

  2. *eyes her BM hunter alt* It’s not the idiot spec. It’s the playing the way I want to play is worth a 20% difference in DPS spec! MM is a whole, what, 50 DPS higher? Wouldn’t that make both BM and MM hunters idiot specced? Pfft!

    But, on topic: the only things I can think of would be covered on raid ettiquete, I think. Things like oh, showing up prepared and repaired, which is a concept some veteran raiders struggle with!

  3. @ Amber – LOL! I couldn’t tell you what the good hunter spec is as mine’s level 17 if you click over on my toon list. I’d have to point everyone over to Pike or BRK for hunter advice.

  4. We actually had a similar experience in early T5, except the “elite” raider who took an interest in us was … well, whatever the opposite of “hardass” would be! Softass? (Sounds squishy.)

    It seems like another lesson from this experience is that sometimes it pays to take risks. Sure, this could have deteriorated into a soul-crushing, morale-breaking experience if your guest raider happened to live up to his reputation or your veterans took his criticism too much to heart. But you took that risk for an opportunity to learn something, and it paid off! Kudos to you and your officers. 🙂

  5. what amber said. BM is not an idiot spec, BM is – enjoying your class on your own terms instead of min maxing and going with flavor of the week spec.

    I admit it and it shames me but last week after the shokc of how much my DPS went down, I tried out different specs and finaly ended up with survival (btw – MM does a great deal more damage then BM in my expereince, it just burns through mana like crazy with no reliable replenishment) I surprised the heck out of everyone in the guild at just how much of a jump my dps made as survival, I had no mana issues …and I was unhappy. so I specced back to BM last night.

    that hardcore player that was coaching you would probably call me an idiot and a noob. but unless you are a guild of min maxers, going for server firsts – who cares if you play less then optimal spec, do things in less then optimal ways? the main things is to enjoy your game. take experiences of others and adopted so that they work with your own preference, your won guild composition. use the information but don’t let it overshadow everything. find the way that works for YOU. (thanks my opinion anyway :P)

  6. I will never tell anyone how to spec. I have pointed out to other Holy Pallies what they’re missing without certain talents, but I’m a believer in that everyone plays differently so cookie cutter specs don’t always work the same for everyone.

    In other words, it’s your game, play how you will! 🙂

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