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PvE vs. PvP

I’m still spending some time considering my options recently regarding what to do in game and with my current guild. I think I’m getting better at not feeling obligated to go to raids or be a part of that “make it happen” mentality. On the other hand, I log out before it’s time and I’ve been pretty frustrated overall so there’s no way in hell I was going anyway. 🙂

I’ve recently been contacted by a couple of guilds and one right now is standing out as a pretty good possibility. The one concern I have is that it is on a PvP server.

I’m not an avid PvP’er.  About 14 months ago I hit the battlegrounds pretty hard because I had hit 70 a couple months prior, had switched from Prot to Holy, had no healing gear, and sucked at regular instances let alone heroics. So I found PvP gear that I could grind. Initially it was a lot of fun, even though Alliance sucked at everything except AV. After grinding it for a month and getting my upgrades, I was pretty much burned out of PvP and I’ve never been a fan of just randomly attacking flagged Horde.

I did recently try out Wintergrasp and the new beach battleground (see not an avid PvP’er, can’t even remember the name) and enjoyed it.  The introduction of machines and sieges is kinda fun.

So my question for those of you that have played on PvP and PvE realms, is a PvP realm bad for someone who doesn’t care much for PvP (i.e. is the ganking bad or can you still farm, quest, wait at stones, etc. without too much problem) and is primarily a PvE raider?