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PvE vs. PvP

I’m still spending some time considering my options recently regarding what to do in game and with my current guild. I think I’m getting better at not feeling obligated to go to raids or be a part of that “make it happen” mentality. On the other hand, I log out before it’s time and I’ve been pretty frustrated overall so there’s no way in hell I was going anyway. 🙂

I’ve recently been contacted by a couple of guilds and one right now is standing out as a pretty good possibility. The one concern I have is that it is on a PvP server.

I’m not an avid PvP’er.  About 14 months ago I hit the battlegrounds pretty hard because I had hit 70 a couple months prior, had switched from Prot to Holy, had no healing gear, and sucked at regular instances let alone heroics. So I found PvP gear that I could grind. Initially it was a lot of fun, even though Alliance sucked at everything except AV. After grinding it for a month and getting my upgrades, I was pretty much burned out of PvP and I’ve never been a fan of just randomly attacking flagged Horde.

I did recently try out Wintergrasp and the new beach battleground (see not an avid PvP’er, can’t even remember the name) and enjoyed it.  The introduction of machines and sieges is kinda fun.

So my question for those of you that have played on PvP and PvE realms, is a PvP realm bad for someone who doesn’t care much for PvP (i.e. is the ganking bad or can you still farm, quest, wait at stones, etc. without too much problem) and is primarily a PvE raider?


8 Responses

  1. You know how often I PvP?

    ….I wandered into Wintergrasp twice, had no idea what I was doing, tossed some heals, and died once or twice. I don’t arena, I don’t do battlegrounds.

    Azgalor plays much like Earthen Ring did for me…I ignore PvP, go do my raid thing, and occasionally get unlazy and do dailies. The only difference is that sometimes the horde will kill me if I’m out alone now.

    Wait, they managed to do that on ER too. Ever had fel cannons trained on you? Or had horde stand juuust right so that you accidentally click them trying to get to a quest giver? Gwuh.

    Oh, and sometimes you have to get unlazy and fly to an instance rather than get summons because the horde camp the stones. O noes.

    You quickly learn to be leery of certain guild tags/names. If there’s (open a ticket) around, I know to watch my back or wander elsewhere. (Virutal Dragon Slayers)? (sign my mousepad)? You probably want to wander away if you can’t hold your own. Belfadin named Conaan? OMG KILL HIM OVER AND OVER AND CAMP HIS CORPSE FOR HOURS-*coughs* Sorry.

    But a decent chunk of horde will just leave you alone. You want to quest, they want to quest. I’ve never gotten my feathers too terribly ruffled (except for Conaan, who has gotten both Ambro AND Lyr). Zoja has, but Zoja, bless his heart, is something of a sore ‘loser’. A couple of people ‘hate’ it, and stick around just for friends, but these all tend to be of the more short-tempered short. I’m too zen to get bothered by it, especially not after I take out my hunter and her rhino DKpunter and go eat some 60s horde who pick on Alliance in Outlands. >.>

    If anyone is too much of a bother, there’s a few people who love nothing more than to mount up and get revenge. 😀

    But you don’t want just my babble on the topic. 😉

  2. The unfortunate part of PvP servers is you really have NO choice – if a horde wants to attack, they can. You are sorta ‘forced’ into PvP situations, whether you want to be or not. Sure many times the opposing faction will just leave you be, but imagine it being one of those times where you just aren’t in the mood and that huge Tauren decides that he is enjoying beating on you.

    I don’t PvP. I will sometimes go do AV because it can be fun, but I could never tolerate being on a PvP server. I like having a choice in whether or not I will engage the other faction in combat.

  3. Shoot – sorry for the double post.

    I do have a rogue on a PvP server. I don’t play her all that often because as I started getting to more populated areas, I started having to defend myself more and more.

    I think the amount of PvP you would see also depends in the individual server as well.

  4. I’m alliance on Bonechewer and the PvP is sporadic. I’m not into PvP but I had an IRL friend on the server who got me started on WoW. Right after WotLK hit the PvP ganking dropped, everyone was too busy trying to level and get gear. But now that there are plenty of 80’s it gets silly sometimes. Seriously, a party of 3 lvl 80 horde DK’s camping Alliance in STV? Get a life. I like the concept of world PvP, but the reality sucks sometimes.

  5. Thanks, everyone. After thinking about it, I actually figure that the most ganking happens just like Rob says in low level areas so I think a switch to a PvP server wouldn’t be too bad.

    And like Evissadia says it probably depends on the server as well.

  6. I play Horde on Black Dragonflight. Ganking at summoning stones and in daily quest zones is common — for both factions, from what I can tell. (We love to complain about the Alliance, but the truth is that Horde can be just as bad.) AoE knockbacks at the Naxxramas stone are particularly annoying, and have delayed our raids in the past.

    On the other hand, those times that Horde and Alliance players help each other (with group quests, for example) are pretty awesome. I imagine it would be less touching on a PvE server, where the alternative to helping is simply not getting involved, rather than actively hindering.

  7. […] Azgalor being a PvP server. I had some concerns about this, but to be honest I didn’t get ganked all weekend. There were plenty of […]

  8. Basically, in all. You will get ganked repeatedly by bored 80s on a PvP server. Some are worse than others. I was on Frostmourne as alliance, which is predominately horde. So the rate of ganking was high all the way to 80. Thaurissan is also well known for its bad Alliance to Horde ratio, as this is another Horde PvP server.

    Stone camping happening all the time. Some of these guys will sit here for hours on end and mess around with your character. Why you log onto a alt until they get bored or you sign off.

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