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I recently stumbled on a new website that was a rather unfortunate find for me and because I’m not one to suffer alone, here ya go! 🙂

WoW Achievements

So how’s this different than what the Armory can show us? Well I know you can search by guild who’s tops with achievements, but I’ve never found a way to search by server or even overall by the entire game (not that I was ever looking). This site can do that…


See that? As of that date and time I was ranked 94 on my realm.

…must resist…feel pull of…achievement hunting…most are worthless…must resist…

I’m gonna end up doing all the stupid ones, aren’t I? /sigh

This last weekend:



2 Responses

  1. …thanks for reminding me to waste time getting Argent Champion! 😛

    Stratholme here I come!

    It at least ntets a title that suits her better than her old PvP title (Corporal! I PvPd SO MUCH can’t you tell!?!?)

  2. LMAO! I ran Stratholme and Scholomance a few times just to finish off my rep. Talk about boring!!! 🙂

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