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Dear Blizzard, Is Naxx Too Easy?

Tuesdays. Loved and hated by all WoW players.

Tuesdays signify the beloved reset where we get to go back into our raids and start over, clearing more bosses, and getting more loot.

It also signifies post maintenance issues like Patch 3.0.8 with its multiple server crashes. Getting into an instance was the only way to avoid disconnects.

So on Tuesday my guild hit up 10 man Kara Naxx again. Sorry mental lapse there. This week’s run was so easy that it reminded me of Kara. Which begs the question is Naxx too easy? We’ve all seen and read how the high end guilds beat all the content within weeks of WotLK’s release. But that’s the hardcore guilds. What about the rest of us?

Burning Crusade

I didn’t start out in vanilla WoW. I started about 8 months after BC’s release. So I was late in the raiding game and gearing up to prepare for Kara was an adventure! It was fun! It was damned hard!!! But it really did make everything worth it when I finally got there.

My memories of the first few times in Kara are a bit hazy, but I remember it was so much fun! I think it took us a couple of nights to get Attumen down and it wasn’t until the following week where we even had a chance against Moroes. It took us a couple of months I think before we even were able to down Curator. Kara had this epic feel to it that made it fantastic! Then months later after having farmed everything it started to get boring as it was put on farm, but it took a long time to get to that point for me. Eventually I even dreaded stepping foot in there, even though a couple of items and the enchants still hadn’t dropped for me.

Wrath of the Lich King

Our first entry into Naxx was a blast! But the getting to that point wasn’t as much fun. I had a couple of epics from Heroics and several blues. I even had a couple of quest greens still and our first week we were able to get the first two bosses in Spider Wing down. The next week we nearly cleared two wings. I was lucky and started gearing up quite quickly.

So like I was saying on Tuesday the reset occurred, we headed into Naxx and I think I did more dps’ing than healing, except in boss fights. We cleared all the wings with the exception of Maexxna in just a few hours. At that point I had to get to bed. Last night we finished the last three. Unfortunately, people started leaving at that point and we never got to attempt Malygos.

Easy Mode

This week’s 10 man Naxx run was kinda boring and reminded me of the dread I felt after months of running Kara. I’ve only been running Naxx for two months. It’s kind of early to get bored of it. On the plus side I suppose I have Maedchen to run through there which was fun when I used her on the 25 man Instructor fight! 🙂

So is Naxx too easy? The hardcore players say yes obviously, but a good majority say no and I’ve been one of those until now. We struggled through the first couple of months, but we’ve effectively got 10 man Naxx on farm now. But looking back now and comparing to how it was with Kara it almost seems like it is too easy even for casual raiders. We struggled initially at a good pace, but then it seems like overnight we went from wiping on a boss 5-6 times to downing him with no deaths, no near-deaths, and casters at nearly full mana by the end of the fight.

Proposed Solution

Blizzard, make the new content harder please. Give hardcore players a chance to struggle and brag because they’re going to moan later on anyway when you either nerf the raids or start handing out “welfare” epics.

Give the next set of raiders between the casuals and hardcore a chance to struggle and succeed, but then after 6 months or so nerf the raid like you did one month before WotLK. That way everyone gets a chance to see the content and you’re happy it hasn’t all gone to waste. Just don’t wait one month before the next expansion. Nerf stuff in an appropriate time frame allowing everyone to experience the game at their individual skill levels.

If Naxx were harder, I’d suggest nerfing Naxx when Ulduar is finally released, but it’s too easy as it is. You can go in there in quest greens and do well if you know how to play your toon. You can’t clear it, but you can still do well.

So please make Ulduar hard. Nerf it when the next raid after that is released, given an approrpriate time frame as well, and let us get the appropriate sense of accomplishment we all crave.


5 Responses

  1. Considering we STILL haven’t down Sapph, I’m not going going to jump on the It’s Too Easy Bandwagon just yet. Then again, we might be able to down him if our priests were less fail, and there IS the current “Is Sapph Broken?” debate.

    I remember our initial forays into Kara…I also remember wiping on Aran repeatedly caused our GM to scream into Vent that we all sucked.

    Initially, Kara was broke as hell and ravingly difficult at points. I’d like some happy middle ground, please.

  2. In my eyes, the dificult level of naxx is wrong.
    You can clear the spider and the spider and the plague very easy. May be on the first attempt, its a little difficult, but the following id its easy going. The other two are a little bit more challenging, but there we had the same experience. One Id Problems, the other easy going. And the came Sapphirion. In my opinion the only boss in the whole instance where you need three full healers. The rest ,even the four horsemen you can get down with two full healers and a retribution – paladin in heal armor. Kel Thuzad, in my opinion is a joke. Nothing copmared to Sapphirion.

    In Kara, before they nerfed it to the ground and below was good, that every point was challenging. You must fight very hard to get every id a litte depper into the instance. You were hungering for the next stage of the instance. In Naxx, everything looks allmost similar.

  3. We downed Kel’thuzad Tuesday last week. And had this same discussion that you’ve just posted.

    I’ll ask you the same question I did asked my fellow raid leaders “do you remember your playing style and your game’s general knowledge back in kara?” Could you even compare it with the one you have now?.

    I say this because there is a huge difference from people who cleared Karazhan, Zul’Amman, downed Gruul & Magtheridon, etc… to the people who never saw those places and went right into raiding Naxx. At least I see a big difference when the raid group includes more of these last.

    I think the dungeon difficulty is not much easier, it is the players who become better and better, and guilds act like a consolidated accurate group (specially like Ambros says if they downed Aran!!) instead of acting like “let’s see what’s in here… oh s*%$t!”


  4. @ Hashishin – That’s an interesting point I hadn’t considered and I think you’re probably right.

    I started playing post BC’s release. I had no idea what I was doing while leveling and little idea when I started healing the endgame. Pretty much everyone I was running with at that time was in the same boat. It took us some time to learn our toons and what we were capable of. We also didn’t have a lot of previous raid or herioc instance experience, which seems to repeat itself in variations as you progress (i.e. Thaddius vs. Mechano-Lord).

    No wonder some of these guilds were able to down content in the first month in blues and a few crafted epics.

  5. Don’t forget that blizz has changed their philosophy on what the challenge of raids should be now.

    Sarth with 3 drakes, boss kills with 8 people, Sapph with no frost resist, all of naxx with zero deaths in one reset.

    They’re adding more fights (I think about half of the Ulduar bosses will follow this model from what I hear) where the challenge is to leave yourself with some restrictions.

    That way, the more casual people can do the encounters the regular way and experience the content. And the hardcore (even the “casual hardcore” such as yourself) can do versions of those fights that present much greater challenges.

    It’s not about just getting through the instances now, it’s how you choose to do it.

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