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A Newbie Raider’s Guide: How to /gquit Properly

Raid Leaders often take for granted that everyone understands raiding like they do. What they forget is that “once upon a time”, they were just as ignorant…

Volumes could be written on how to quit a guild properly, but once you decide it is time do yourself a favor and consider these items.

First, really think about what’s driving you to quit. Only you can determine whether that’s a good enough reason.

Second, sleep on it. Don’t make the decision right now, especially if this is an emotional response, sometimes sleeping on it can take days. I can’t tell you how many people I know that have quit a guild when angry only to regret it the following day. Getting invited back after a /gquit labels you and it’s not a good label.

Lastly, leave on the best terms possible. Sometimes the situation will be extremely negative, but leave without harsh words, attacks, etc. Sometimes leaving is just letting the guild know in advance you’re moving on, but sometimes it’s just leaving without a word. Whatever you do, try to make the best of it by not making it worse.

Personal Experience (as a Member)

In recent weeks, I’ve been posting about my considering quitting my guild and even going so far as a server transfer. Every time I logged in I dreaded being on. A couple of weeks ago, I made sure I was only on long enough to do a few dailies, farm, or work on an achievement and then hightailed it outta there!

What it finally came down to was a server transfer. I discussed this with my wife and the costs involved, which I’m sure she does NOT understand, but she was supportive God bless her. So I slept on it.

I ended up “sleeping on it” for an entire week. I finally made the decision a couple of Fridays ago to let my guild know that I would be leaving, I even had a guild and server picked out, but before I could some things started to happen.

Evidently the officers were doing a better job keeping people to set raid nights. The members themselves were seeing remarkable improvement after some assistance from a serious raider from a high-end guild. We were even able to field a 25 man Naxx raid with only one pug (at least at one point). And then the icing on the cake was a talk with the GM.

It seemed obvious to me that he knew some of what was going on and that’s another point to consider. Given your various situations sometimes it’s not a bad idea to discuss the issue with the officers before making a final decision. Sometimes officers can give you good feedback and make you feel better about where you are, but more importantly it gives them the opportunity to “fix” things when they need to be fixed. The other side of that coin is an officer who will take it personally and hold it against you. Hopefully you know your officers well enough to know who to trust and who not to.

After talking to him, he made it abundantly clear that I shouldn’t feel obligated to stay on a late running raid or to even go to every one of them. I know I shouldn’t have ever felt obligated, but I did. His awareness of my situation should help at making the entire situation easier in the long run. So I’m giving it a shot and if it doesn’t work out this time I’ll feel much better about quitting.

Personal Experience (as an Officer)

Another example from the officer standpoint came a couple of weeks ago when a member whispered me that he’d be leaving the guild. He hadn’t been on much in the past few weeks because he still hasn’t bought the expansion. He was afraid because he isn’t contributing and with our progress that he’ll get left behind and not have a place.

I told him that if that’s his only reason for leaving, then he shouldn’t do it. If he has other reasons for wanting to leave, then I support that. I told him that by the time he has the expansion and levels to 80 we may have moved on past all the current content, but that isn’t to say we won’t keep running it. How many guilds were still running Kara right up to the end? So he needn’t worry about “being left behind”. Although I didn’t mention it, worst case scenario we’d pull him in to whatever new content has been released and help him out there anyway.

This member was greatly appreciative as he said that this was a great guild and he made it obvious that he didn’t really want to leave. That may change in the future, but for now I was able to make him feel easier about the whole thing.


I don’t know that there’s a proper way to /gquit, but I do know there’s some good guidelines about how to do it. Main thing is don’t be a jerk when you do.


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  1. i like this post 🙂

  2. @ Thella – Thank you! 🙂

  3. I am torn, I like the guild I have been with for nearly 2 years, I have been promoted to officer, but their raiding hours are not compatible with my work schedule. I end up pugging more then I do guild runs. But just as you get ready to do /gquit they do something really helpful so you stay even though you know you could get gear faster in a different guild that raids at different times.

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