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Higher Learning

Higher Learning is one of the harder achievements to get just because of the amount of time and luck it takes in getting this. As such I’m obsessed with getting it and only have one book to my name right now. 😦 Please note that raiding (and everything associated with being able to raid) takes priority over this achievement so I haven’t been too lucky at finding them. Obsessed, but unlucky.

In general it is agreed that it takes 3-4 hours for a book (whether the one you need or a trash book) to appear in any given location. I’ve also read that once read the book disappears after 3 minutes.

To test this theory, I found a trash book spawn on a patio of the building* kitty corner to the mage tower in Dalaran at 5:45am server time on a Saturday several weeks ago. As it wasn’t one of the books for the Higher Learning achievement I came back exactly 3 hours later to find it had spawned. I was lucky enough to log over to Maedchen and get it for her as well, but it disappeared quickly thereafter. So it appears the 3 minute timer applies.

I found another trash book this weekend in the tower by the two bookshelves up the stairs to the left. It spawned again at 15 minutes till the hour. I checked back three hours later and waited 20 minutes, but it didn’t spawn. I checked back 40 minutes later and saw another trash book which gives this book a 4 hour spawn timer. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to check back four hours later. 😦

The other day I was in there and found the book at the tower and in my excitement logged over to Ky without having Maed read it. Unfortunately it despawned before I could get it. This time however it was at half past the hour.

So here’s my theory and I’d appreciate any other findings you have:

  • Each spawn location is either on a 3 hour or a 4 hour timer.
  • The books do indeed despawn after 3 minutes of being read.
  • The spawn timer isn’t exactly to the hour but rather to the nearest quarter hour (i.e. 1:00, 1:15:, 1:30, 1:45, etc.)
  • The respawn timer starts from the time of being read or it’s randomly assigned by a daily reset.

Anyone else notice anything as they’ve found them?

*Sorry. I just haven’t taken the time to memorize the names of the buildings. There’s a lot of things like that I don’t memorize. I have a hard enough time trying to remember the names of my own spells. I know what they all do and can describe them somewhat, but can’t remember the names. Might be an age issue…


4 Responses

  1. I can’t remmeber tha names of spells much of the time-just what the icon looks like.

    And even though I’m panicing at my upcoming birthday, I can’t really use age as an excuse. 😛

  2. For this achievement, all of the books start with the same basic title: “The Shool of Arcane Magic:” so if you see one of those, it is a “good” book. Any other ones are “duds”.

    On my server (Malfurion), there’s a private channel for this achievement. Perhaps your server has one, too? For us, it’s /join bookclub. Folks would join the channel and say “dud at upper lounge” or “good book at lower Citadel”, etc. It helped a lot. Simply ask your fellow book campers if such a channel exists, or start one yourself.

    There are 8 locations, one book per spot. Once you have the book from a particular spot, there is no need to return to that spot. There is the Violet Hold (to the left as you face the instance), the Visitor Center, the portal room near the flight path, the lower level of the Legerdemain Lounge by the stove, the Upper level of the Legerdemain Lounge, in the room to the left of the balcony, on the balcony of Threads of Fate, the lower level of the Violet Citadel on the right of the room and the upper level of the Violet Citadel on the left near the port to Tanaris.

    Hope this helps a bit.

  3. A little trick that is handy to know. The respawn timer resets with server resets. If for some reason your server goes down (rolling restart, tuesday maintenance, etc) the books will be spawned as soon as the server comes back up.

    Hope that helps some. I have yet to find a real book 😦

  4. All 8 spawn points have a _minimum_ 3h spawn timer. After the book despawns, it starts the 3h timer, and will spawn anytime within an hour after that (so anywhere from 3-4h, not at the 3h or 4h mark on the dot.)

    Skywall also has a bookclub channel that has helped me out immensely. People keep track of times and announce when the 3h timer is up soon (“upper ledger timer up at 7:12pm, someone start camping it”) and when a book spawns (“fake book lower VC @7:25pm”).

    Good luck on the pet 🙂

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