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The Ice Stone Has Melted!

The Ice Stone Has Melted!

The Ice Stone Has Melted!

The Ice Stone Has Melted!



10 Responses

  1. I spent a good chunk of the raid going /e has melted! everytime it did that.

    It later evolved to…

    /e doesn’t give a shit!
    /e doesn’t care!
    /e wants you to shut the hell up!
    /e will kill you in your sleep!


  2. Seriously….wtf IS THE ICE STONE!!!

  3. OK Amber just sent this to me and ROFLMAO!!!


  4. XDD lmao, @ Ambrosyne it was a running joke during our raid yesterday as well, but mostly over vent. A lot of other people were making comments in general chat too.

    lol @ blizz

  5. Oh on vent it was worse.

    “Twice even!”
    “In the last five seconds!”
    “Holy shit!”

    …but we’re all kind of dumb and/or crazy….

  6. lol

    I read up on this and it was a coding error lol. Should be fixed with the next hotpatch.

    “/e will kill you in your sleep”


  7. LOL the Ice Stone is from the Ahune boss event from last years Midsummer Festival. When you summoned him (inside of UB or SP, i forget) it emoted that the Ice Stone had melted.

  8. I always end up at blogs and go “Hey, don’t I know that toon name? I’m sure I know that toon name.”

    I’m just not used to Arathor being a popular place (I’m an original Arathorean, one of the first batch of transfers, pre-BC et al, and I’m used to the server being, well, small…).

    Which is why it surprises me every time I come across another Arathor blogger.

    Anyway, bouncing around your blog, seeing what there is here. Cheers!


    Tauren Druid
    Arathor, US

  9. Great to find another Arathor blogger! You’re the only one I know! 🙂

    That said, I might not be a resident of Arathor for much longer though…

  10. […] Ice Stone Revisited Posted on July 1, 2009 by kyrilean At least now I know what an Ice Stone […]

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