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Love Is In The Air (Revisited)


I did every achievement except getting the dress and the pet. Hate those random drops.

Also wasted about 7 hours trying to get the gift in Ironforge until someone mentioned that gifts drop off civilians and pledges drop off guards…



But at least I completed the Meta Achievement for the ongoing quest to get the drake. By the way Blizzard, why “The Love Fool”? You could have gone with “The Love Doctor” or “The Love Machine”, something cool at least, but NOOOOO!!! “The Love Fool”…really?! I’ll never put that title over my head as it’s too embarrassing.

Thank God it’s over!

/huge sigh of relief


3 Responses

  1. Whyfor do you have a picture of our Zoja in your blog?!?!?!

    …gods, he’d kill me. XD

  2. Yay! Gratz! …Love Fool!

  3. […] huge Meta-Achievement for the drake, but I’ll protest by not showing the title. (Sort of how I’ll never show “the Love Fool”. […]

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