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Crap! Ky DC’d again!

Work is pretty hectic right now. I have two projects that need to be bought out and soon!

First problem, Project #1 had a plan revision that we all knew about, but yet we went to subcontractors for pricing anyway. Now we’re back to the drawing board as plans are being sent back to the subs for confirmation that nothing changed or to revise their pricing accordingly. Nothing like putting the cart before the horse and doing something more than once for the hell of it. Oh and I think they’re already digging the hole in the ground… 😦

Second problem, Project #2 is a charity project and we want to get it done as quickly as possible. The Owner has yet to finalize the deal on the land, pull a permit, or any number of other things, yet we’re hoping to break ground in about a month so I have to buy out the entire project and try and get subcontractors to donate as much as they possibly can to keep this project’s costs low. Still waiting on subs to get pricing to us and with the state of the economy most aren’t budging… 😦

Third problem, I had LEED training yesterday and again today, which is why I’m cheating on this post. I have to take the test to get accredited at the end of March so studying for this is going to cut in to my free time overall.

Damn real life!


5 Responses

  1. Um….


    (all puns intended)

  2. Also, I’m not on your current faves list? I’m wounded!

    …I don’t care about facebook or myspace, but blogrolls are srs business…

    (You know I’m kidding, right, Kyr? <3)

  3. I know Ky, stupid work

  4. @ Amber – …grumble, grumble… impatient…grumble… egotistical… grumble… lmao

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