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Additional Instances Cannot Be Launched…

So last night we decided to finally go back to Eye of Eternity for our 10 man raid. We hadn’t been back for weeks and it’s bugged the better geared among us. However, my wife had a church activity going on last night and I got the kids fed, bathed, and off to bed which meant I wouldn’t be going. We also had 4 healers sign up on calendar and I didn’t knowing that my timing would more than likely be off so it wasn’t that big a deal.

So as I took care of the kids, played, and went afk back and forth all night long, I decided to do a little questing and achievement hunting. I didn’t have Recipe: Roasted Moongraze Tenderloin so I headed off to do The Great Moongraze Hunt to earn the recipe and get that much closer to the Chef de Cuisine achievement. I’m not at home, but I think I only need about 8 more.

So while there, I did a few quests to further my ambition to get Loremaster of Kalimdor and 3000 Quests Completed. I have 490 quests to go for the Kalimdor one. /sigh I really am becoming an achievement junkie.

After a little while, I decided to go tackle Razofen Kraul and Razorfen Downs for the achievements as well. So in I went and of course got lost in Kraul. Took forever getting back out. As I got out, our 10 man Malygos raid finished him off for a guild first! AND I WASN’T THERE!!! /cry

Several of us were jealous, but we finally beat that guy, and we couldn’t be happier*! We’ve done it and now we can focus on it week after week. Our guild also happened to defeat 25 man Thaddius the other night, OS 1D, as well as complete 10 man Naxx in one night. We’re moving right along. I think we’re ready to start focusing on raid achievements.

So I headed to Razorfen Downs…

Even saw a small group of Horde heading in as well…

This is getting to be a problem. Spring for a few more instance servers Blizzard. I was outside for 10 minutes just to do an Old World instance.

The stupid things I’ll do for achievements.

* I will say one thing that didn’t make me happy because I think it was truly unfair. I noticed that Dyna volunteered to sit out when a Death Knight logged in for the Malygos fight. There was one person in that group who’s primary function was not DPS and should have been the person to volunteer to sit out. I’m actually a little upset by it. You were taken because there were no other viable DPS online at the time. It’s not that it’s a huge deal and Dyna didn’t complain, but fair is fair. I hope we can use what I consider “better judgment” in the future. And I think the rest of you in that raid owe Dyna a huge thank you.


11 Responses

  1. I agree with you 100% regarding Dyna. One of the reasons I did not argue with him too much about sitting out was he did not know how much time he had left (he tried once to sit for another warrior dps and I asked him not to). Who knew we would down him by our 4th try. Having said that I feel bad for him, after all he was there on that 3 hours wipe fest we went through last week trying to get him. Not to mention that he’s the one that is always organizing the raiding groups (I have tried but suck at it). He’s always putting guild progress before himself, which should tell everyone what Dyna is all about, then again I can say the same thing about any guild officer of Icestorm. I still think it can be done without a Death Knight; it might be a bit harder but is doable. I’m sure he’ll down him when Zeza’s group goes this week. So in the end this victory was his as much as the 10 of us that were in that raid.

  2. Big Gratz on that 1t Malygos kill guys!

    Short question, how long do you take (aprox.) to clean Naxx 10?


  3. took us 4.5h to clear on Tuesday week.

  4. *this week

  5. Thanks for the comment over on my site. I had 229 Kalimdor quests as of this past Friday and was able to finish over the weekend. Dustwallow helped a lot. Yes, there’s a pile of travel, but strategic use of the Dalaran hearth and Dalaran portals can help that somewhat. And as a pally, you are the fastest thing on the ground in the game, so that cuts some of the time as well. Get Bejewelled for those long flights from Darn to Gadget 🙂

  6. Hey thanks! That was my first time making a wordpress theme, turned out nice. I like your site, lmk if you wanna exchange links. And yah the instance servers thing is getting realllly super annoying! lol

  7. Congrats on your guild first kill! Very cool! I’m sorry to hear that you weren’t in the raid that did it. Thanks for the reminder about the moongraze recipe, I’m going to go home and get that one, I forgot all about it. 😛

  8. Rocla, to get to Gadge use the CoT portal in the Kirin tor, Dalaran!

  9. So I’m not the only one with the instance cannot be launched. Totally surprised the first time.

    Dang Chef de Cuisine! I’m only one away from Chef de Partie. /sigh

  10. Grats to your guild on Malygos. We’ve been farming Naxx-10 for about 6 weeks now but every time we attempt to get a Malygos raid together, we’re always missing people. We’ve attempted the fight for a few hours and most of the raid vocally hated the gimmicky 3rd phase.. apparently enough to not want to go back lol. Are we wrong for skipping Malygos in favor of waiting for Ulduar?

  11. @ Rocklaw – np, definitely like your site.

    @ Zui – you’ve been linked! Looking forward to future content. 🙂

    @ Alliancegirl – YW. I forgot as well. Found an addon that helps me scan for recipes I don’t have. No it isn’t RecipeRadar. Used that one once, didn’t like it much. I’m at work and have forgotten the name of it. If you’re interested I can look it up for you.

    @ Fear.Win – Thanks! Actually we hadn’t focused much on regular EoE. Everything we’ve read actually says it’s harder than 25-man EoE so we concentrated on 25-man Naxx to get the key. I suppose you’re only wrong if you have enough that want to go or are after one of the drakes that won’t be available after patch 3.1.

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