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What do you see?

What do you see here?

How about now?

Why is it you didn’t see the A, 13, C and 12, B, 14?

Here’s another famous one most of us have probably seen.


What do you see?

Some people will see an old woman. Some people will see the young woman.

Most of us have probably seen this picture before, but in case any of you haven’t the old woman is wearing a headwrap with her curly hair sticking out front. She has a long nose, thin pursed lips, and pointed chin.  If you look again at the nose and instead envision it as the chin of a woman looking away from you, the old woman’s eye becomes an ear and the lips become a choker or tight necklace.

So why do we see what we see? Well I’m no psychologist and don’t profess to be, but I think we can all agree it’s based on our own attitudes, experiences, and surroundings.

Queue the Dun, Dun, Dun!

So last night a little after normal raid times an officer of <ICESTORM> wants to get our group 2 Naxx-10 going again. So we start looking around and we’re short some of the people that are saved to that group. This fact is pointed out while one officer starts looking for fill-ins. Talk about “I still need item X, Y, and Z off bosses A, B, and C” goes on.

An officer finds Raid Members Q and R to fill in as DPS and all we need is one more and we’re good to go. I said “Wait a minute! I didn’t say I was going.” I said “idk”, which he read as “idc”. Big difference. 🙂 Anyway, at this point one officer gets really pissed off and says something to the effect that we’re going to screw Group 3 Naxx 10 by saving a bunch more people to Group 2 just so some people can get whatever loot they want and then proceeds to log. (I cleaned it up a bit, but that was the gist.)

Now people are panicking as to what happened. Wondering why he logged and why he was upset our GM calls a meeting on vent and they proceed to talk about what happened. The basic gist of it goes that the officer is just frustrated because he’s had a run of bad luck with raids lately.

Pause story. So who’s wrong here? The officers setting up the raid or the officer that logged off in a huff? I’ll bet most of you say the officer that got upset, because if nothing else he should have handled himself differently.

Continuing on… So after a minute I jump in and say they pretty much got it all wrong in my opinion. I proceed to say that I can’t speak for the officer in question, but I’m 99% sure that he’s upset because of a perception.

First, it’s a non-raid day. There are no scheduled raids. Unless we can get a majority of players to continue on a non-raid day we avoid going back so as to not be unfair to those who didn’t know and aren’t around as well as to avoid saving 30 people to a 10 man raid.

Second, it was pointed out that we were short the original members of group 2. That right there should have stopped the discussion based on the first point, but the push to get it going plus the talk of loot gave the impression of going for selfish reasons. Basically, “we’re going hell or high water because I want to get my loot and if others aren’t here, so be it. They lose.”

Third, by going and including others not saved to raid we now are screwing up any chances at a successful group 3.

Pause story. So now who’s wrong? I’ll be most of you are starting to think the officers organizing the raid and that the upset officer is now justified.

Let’s muddy the waters a little more by giving you a counterpoint to the previous third point. Very few people even knew that a third group was going to happen this week. I didn’t! Evidently it was brought up rather briefly last night when several of us weren’t even around.

I continued on and pointed out that chances are the officer doesn’t think the worst of the others, but rather the perception and the push to get a raid going all coincided in such a way as to give the wrong impression. Hell, even I had the impression they were going for loot! I know that our officers pass to others that need it more and this run would have been no different, but I pointed out that I could see how it rubbed him the wrong way.

I pointed out that there is a perception from some guild members that certain officers are sort of “playing the system” with their alts. I’ve defended those that have been complained about because again most of the complaining members aren’t seeing the officers gear up their alts through crafted gear and heroics. They automatically assume that the alts were geared up in raids.

For example, we recently had a priest leave the guild that was upset that several alts were more geared than hers, including mine I’m assuming. I have had Maedchen in 25 man raids for Instructor and even did so the night before she quit, but until just recently I have never received an item from a raid. That presumably wasn’t the perception.

Now this started a flurry of defense from the officers after I said all this and I’m not going to get into that. We can all guess at what they were saying. But the question remains, who’s wrong?

The simple answer? No one.

But the drama occurred, however minor and briefly, and it’s all because people took a view at things without considering the views of others. Everyone assumes they are right. And quite frankly from their own point of view they are.

Next time something happens, take a step back and really look at it from other angles. Remember that there are as many sides to the story as there are people plus one. There’s your story, there’s my story, and there’s the truth.


One Response

  1. Was wondering when you were going to talk about this. What took you so long? lol.
    “There’s your story, there’s my story, and there’s the truth”..yeap, agree. The only way I know how to get the truth is by getting all involved in the same room and talking it out.
    That was not possible last and I got story 1 and story 2…and the third story? Don’t really care for it in this precise instance. Both were right in their own way and perhaps the fault lies in the third party for not informing everyone of the 3rd group. Not assigning blame here by the way. That is not the purpose of this post.
    Things are not always black and white when dealing with people, and like you said:
    “Next time something happens, take a step back and really look at it from other angles”
    On another note, thanks for pointing me to this blog; it’s like a diary of our guild. As I told you the other day I was reading some of Archives and was LMAO, I’m sure during those times I was not. Perception and time, what a wonderful combination. Funny how the second changes the first.

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