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AFK Weekend

Last week was a pretty rough work week for me. As the hours on Friday wound down to freedom, I looked forward to getting home, logging into WoW, and wasting time. Unfortunately, my body decided it was time to go AFK…

I got sick. Originally I thought it was medication related which I won’t go into, but by Friday evening it was painfully obvious that I had the flu. So I barely had enough time to chance 25-man Sarth 1D which didn’t happen. I was feeling a little better and thought I’d go to Naxx afterwards, but then it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Saturday was spent pretty much all day in bed, barely able to move, but I did get some play time in. Sunday I was feeling better and got more time in. Enough to get MC and ZG finished for fun, as well as fishing up the boss in ZG, but an hour or so later I was feeling pretty bad and the rest of my afternoon and evening was spent lying in bed again.

All in all a really uneventful weekend in Azeroth for me, but I did get closer to my 3000 Quests Achievement and the Loremaster title. Only need about 70 quests overall, 90 quests in Eastern Kingdoms, and just under 200 for Kalimdor.

Now unfortunately I will be in Atlantic City tomorrow and Wednesday for a small business convention so I won’t have any WoW time. Probably won’t have time to update my blog either unless I can come up with some stuff today and schedule it.

If not, see you guys in a few days!

One Response

  1. Well Ky you miss one hell of a weekend. On our Friday 25 man we hit our usual brick wall in the construct quarter, Thaddius. After 6 wipes, guildies getting kick out of raid for been stupid, and patients running short we called it. Be glad you were out sick that day.
    On Saturday we decided to clear the other quarters, no big deal for us right, boy was I wrong. Struggled with the Spider quarter, clear the plague quarter ez, then hit a huge brick wall on Gothik the Harvester.
    We could not figure out what was going on, especially since we usually one shot this guy. We were getting almost 10 death knights spawning on the right side at the same time. After further frustrations we called it a night and decided to try again on Sunday. On Sunday we one shoted Gothik. It seems there were big problems with 25 man naxx on Saturday. Raiding guilds were reporting issues and bugs in the forums.
    We struggle a bit on the 4 horsemen but no big deal. Then we decided to tackle our nightmare once more. We 2 shoted him! I was surprise how perfect everyone did the polarization dance. We still low in dps since we got him after he enrage, but what the hell, we killed him.
    I was going to called it a night since we did not need 3 tanks for Sapphiron but decided to stay because other people were leaving. We were trying to 24 man him as it was. First try was horrible, got one shoted on the first air phase. Did much better on the second try as healers were throwing everything they had when he landed on me. Third try was also a wipe but I told everyone that I needed to be top off when he landed or it would be a wipe. Taunt does not work on him so if the tank goes down is over. Fourth try we got him down. I could not believe we 24 man that guy. By the way when he lands after the air phase he will hit the tank like a truck, bus, and train all rolled into one. We will try to finish clearing that place today.
    Anyway you better be there on Friday since we going to try EoE 25 man for the first time. Buy they wife some flowers, dinner and chocolates so she will let you play. 🙂

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