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Blog Roll Assistance Please

My blog roll is getting out of control. As I find new blogs I like, I keep linking them so I can find them easily again, but it’s getting long.

Obviously I use WordPress and I don’t pay for it. I’m also somewhat technically handicapped when it comes to internet technology. Give me MS-DOS 3.0 and I’m good to go!

Anyone know of plug-ins or other items that can help clean up blog rolls? Or will I have to start paying for a site?


4 Responses

  1. This won’t help the blogroll on your site, but I’ve found Google Reader to be very helpful helping me organize the (200+) blogs I read.

    As for the list on your site, I actually think that it’s fairly well organized. If it’s getting too long for your taste, you could always do a separate page for you blogroll, a la Phae.

  2. I think a separate page would definitely be a good way to manage this, since you really do have a pretty extensive list of great sites going.

    If you’re using the built-in WordPress blogroll functionality, you can easily create a new page and use the “Links” template that you’ll find in the “attributes” pane on the right side.

    After that, you could replace the current blogroll in your main template with a plugin widget that will select randomly from your big list of links, and display only a certain number of them in the sidebar.

    You get to keep your big list, but the sidebars become a bit more manageable. Best of both worlds 🙂

  3. I like your blog list as well and think it looks fine. I agree with the others though, if you dont like how it looks. Just make a different page =D

  4. Take a look at how I have my blogroll organized at Kestrel’s Aerie. One of the links at the top of the blog is to my WordPress addons; included there you’ll see these:

    Enhanced Categories 2.2.0 Enhanced Categories 2.2.0
    » Vincent Prat (url)
    Allows to get better control over the category listing. Also provides a widget view of the categories. Please make a donation if you are satisfied.

    Enhanced Links 4.2.3 Enhanced Links 4.2.3
    » Vincent Prat (url)
    Allows to get better control over the links listing. Also provides a widget view of the links. Please make a donation if you are satisfied.

    Enhanced Links, especially, is the best blogroll plugin I’ve found, and I keep looking for something better. I don’t think it exists. 🙂

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