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First Impressions: New Server / New Guild

So I made the switch to Azgalor (US) PvP this weekend. Moved both Kyrilean and Maedchen. So how’d it go, you ask?

First, Kyrilean had to change his name to Kyrileanthos. It’s the full name I once considered giving him, but it seemed rather pretentious or at least pompous, so I left it shorter. I’d looked in the Armory first and thought I was home free, but apparently someone has an alt that’s not yet level 10! Damn you!!! Kyril didn’t work either.

I’m not 100% sure this is true, but I believe Azgalor is a lower population server than Arathor. At least any time I would log in, Arathor was often listed as FULL and Azgalor at MEDIUM. For a MEDIUM population server, there sure is a lot of lag.

Actually if we define lag as being affected by my ms, it’s actually better. I was often around 200-240ms on Arathor. This weekend I was often between 100-190ms on Azgalor. But the fps went to hell! Arathor I was around 25-30fps in Dalaran and around 40-50fps elsewhere. On Azgalor, I’m around 10-19fps in Dalaran and around 30fps elsewhere. It’s horrible! Also the load times are longer for some reason…

Not sure what the difference is. I did add a couple of addons this weekend, but low memory use ones at that. I’ll need to play with it.

Regarding Azgalor being a PvP server. I had some concerns about this, but to be honest I didn’t get ganked all weekend. There were plenty of opportunities too. I did notice however that there’s a slight pause from others as you encounter them. I can only imagine them wondering if I was going to attack them. 🙂

When I made the switch Saturday, Amber wasn’t around so I was guildless for a whole day. It was rather traumatic and I cried in true Amber fashion.

OK not really, but since she’s a guildie I get to make fun of her all the time now. 🙂

Anyway, being guildless was kind of refreshing. There was no weight on my shoulders to worry about other guildies, but to be honest I started losing that feeling of responsibility a couple of weeks ago. There’s a certain amount of freedom that comes from being guildless and I savoured every minute!

I’m pretty excited about the potential the new guild offers. I don’t believe they are anywhere near where <ICESTORM> is at, but then again I was never that worried about finishing the content as fast as some of them are. I’m content to get there when I get there as long as I’m having fun.

I was rather amused when I was farming herbs in Storm Peaks and pointed out an Everfrost Chip to a guildie and the response was “What’s that?” I’m already exalted on both toons, so I was trying to help others out that might need it. One member evidently forgot what it was used for, although he was already exalted with Sons of Hodir.

Ironically, this would have upset me in <ICESTORM> because it was part of my responsibility to make sure our raiders were exalted with the appropriate shoulder enchants. Here? Not my problem. Not my responsibility. It might make Amber cry though. 🙂 (I’ll have to avoid whispering BigBrother reports to her during raid. LOL!)

Bottom line. I’m excited to start over again. I’ve already signed up for their 25 man raids this week. And for once, I’m not dreading the thought of a raid. 🙂


7 Responses

  1. See, I can’t get on anyone’s case about Hodir rep because…er…

    …I haven’t farmed it after getting enough rep for the crappy enchants. Neither has Zoja. We are many things, crazy being one of them, but we TRY not to be hypocritcal. 😉 We expect a certain amount of effort on behalf of our members but we’re pointedly not leaning towards min/maxing. Just come to raids and don’t suck.

    And you know, for all that Azgalor shows up as being lower pop than my old server, too, it’s a HELL of a lot more active. Don’t ask what up with the FPS-I have no idea. None. Unless it’s related to Wintergrasp, somehow.

    We’ve got some absolutely delightful nubcakes in guild, but I love the entire crazy bunch.

  2. This is where I’m frantically trying to get back to the “casual” side of things. I’m still “hardcore” in that I believe in min-maxing appropriately. I would never expect someone to put the best enchants on a blue for instance, but on a purple I expect it.

    Either way, the “hardcore” approach in a lot of other areas started to overtake the “casual” approach and I lost interest in the game altogether. I want it to be fun again.

    Oh and last night’s run was interesting. Although I’m used to a group that’s entirely more geared (I have InventoryOnPar as a guide), it was interesting to see that we cruised through the second half of Naxx much faster and with fewer problems than my old guild. Part of that is probably due to the lack of unscheduled AFKs. Have to say I was pretty impressed.

  3. I was also unguilded for about a day or two and there was a mix feeling of free of responsibilities and being homeless.

    I’m still undecided wether to stay or find another guild. That’s kinda tough atm cause I don’t know what to do in WoW and how much time I’d like to devote playing it.

  4. I don’t quit get the lag on lower population servers. I moved from Wildhammer to Scilla to Darrowmere – seriously low population and the lag is worse! The disconnects are less frequent and no too many instances are open to bad to sad notes. But why so laggy . . .

    Good luck with your new server/guild. Finding the fun/joy of WoW . . . very important!!!

  5. Hey you came to my server! w00tage!

    welcome to the lag bug – and it will strike at the most inopportune times: never when you are just standing around in Ironforge wagging your jaw.

    There are some guilds playing at serious hard core, but I think you will be delighted in finding that most don’t actually know ‘hard core’ like it sounds you did. Overall, even when the most hard core try to be hard core, they are still just soft p0rn.

    I’ll look you up – you can find me on any one of Iron, Cyanide, or Beartooth at this time. cyanide is running amok guildless and having a blast at it!

  6. @ Ironshield – Have to make myself a note and add you to my friends list! 🙂

  7. […] So it was with a lot of thought and heavy heart, I made the decision to switch servers. […]

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