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OK, I admit it. I’m bored.

Looking back, I wonder how much this contributed to my frustrations over the past few months?

Either way, I’m bored. How bored, you ask?


Pretty damn bored!

Over the past month or so I started going after achievements. Achievements are fun. I admit I’m a junkie. One of my most recent achievements is 3000 Quests Completed. I’ve been working on getting to exalted with 2 more factions to finally hit 40 Exalted Reputations and also finding low level quests to complete Loremaster of Kalimdor and Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms. I need less than 100 on the former and less than 60 on the latter. Those quests are getting hard to find by the way, which is making it more of a struggle to keep from getting bored and grinding rep is never fun.

As it stands I have:

    Total Achievements: 424 / 749
    General Achievements: 35 / 53
    Quest Achievements: 42 / 49
    Exploration Achievements: 68 / 70
    Player v.s. Player Achievements: 35 / 149
    Dungeons and Raids Achievements: 99 / 216
    Professions Achievements: 62 / 72
    Reputation Achievements: 28 / 44
    World Events Achievements: 55 / 96

If you notice, short of the Dungeons and Raids achievements, which will just take time, the big gap is in PvP.

How bored am I?

Enough to PvP… /sigh.

So, since I’m probably going to do it anyway, I need help. The last time I truly took a shot at PvP was over a year ago when I needed gear to do heroics in BC. I did battlegrounds for a month and a half to get healing gear. It was brutal. I died a lot. I had no clue as to what I was doing.

Not much has changed. 🙂

I’ve found various info out there for PvP specs, gear, etc. but I’m totally lost. I have no idea where to start. I like the idea of participating in arena battles, but I don’t want to burden anyone with my ignorance.  I don’t know where to get the gear to begin, because it doesn’t look like with battlegrounds.

So where do I go to read up on strategy and even more importantly where do I go to figure out where to start out with gear?

And anyone interested in starting an intervention for me…stop me, please!

/cries in corner