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It’s Not About Winning…It’s About Not Losing!!!

Oriniwen recently posted about winning at Warcraft. In it she lists some of the things to do if you want to “win” at WoW. In a nutshell, the items are reaching the end of things like raiding, pvp, gear upgrades, achievements, and even reaching the gold limit.

There are few, if any, people out there that could do all of that or would even be willing to try. So her list is meant in fun. (She did tag it as Humour after all. :)) But it did get me thinking. What if there was a way to fix the


Well we don’t need to fix it because it does work! 🙂

Oriniwen said it herself, “Everyone seems to have a different idea of what truly winning means.” That’s the beauty of it! We all get to win! Here’s what I mean.

We have all read about and experienced other players that “take this game too seriously” and need to “relax, it’s just a game”. Well that’s what it is! It’s just a game and that’s where I get to express both sides of the Casual Hardcore coin. 🙂


To a casual player, winning the game can consist of:

  • Rolling a new toon (if only to experiment).
  • Reaching a new level.
  • Getting one of each class and/or race up to level 10, 20, 30, …, or even 80! (God bless the patient people! :))
  • Learning a new spell.
  • Finally having one gold in your bags. (Remember how excited you were? Or was I the only idiot that took nearly 20 levels to get that far?)
  • Getting the next achievement.
  • Finishing Deadmines for the first time.
  • Learning a new recipe.
  • Maxing out a profession.
  • Maxing out a weapon skill. (Maxing out Unarmed was cool. I have no idea why. :))
  • Entering your first heroic instance.
  • Finishing your first heroic instance.
  • Entering your first raid.
  • Finishing your first raid.
  • Acquiring a new piece of loot.
  • Entering your first battleground.
  • Winning your first battleground.
  • Winning your first battleground that you know Alliance/Horde always loses because they suck so bad! 🙂
  • Sitting in Dalaran doing absolutely nothing except chatting with online friends.


To a hardcore player, winning the game most likely consists of several of the things Oriniwen talked about:

  • Leveling a toon to 80.
  • Gearing up said toon (whether PvP or PvE).
  • Winning at Arena/Battlegrounds/Wintergrasp.
  • Defeating bosses in raids.
  • Acquiring all the various raid and/or PvP achievements.

Or at least that’s what we generally think of when we think of the hardcore players. But even those hardcore players will play the game for many of the same reasons that the casual players do.

It’s A Game

Thing is the “hardcore” players have a tendency to believe the “casual” players say, “It’s just a game! Get over it!” because they suck at it. The “casual” players have a tendency to believe the “hardcore” players are all psycho, live in their mom’s basement, and are more pale than Dracula himself because they have to say, “It’s just a game! Get over it!”

Well let me point out that basketball, baseball, and football (either kind since I know I have European readers) are all games too. Oh wait, that’s right. They’re sports! Money’s involved, there’s more at stake.

Screw that! “IT’S JUST A GAME!!! GET OVER IT!!!”

But it does point out that everyone plays the game for different reasons. They all have different goals. None of those goals are wrong. If a hardcore player wants to be the absolute best at everything he or she does and then in turn will only associate with people he or she thinks are of an equal level, then so be it! If a casual player doesn’t want to spend all the time farming for every last little item so they can min/max their toon, so be it! Nothing says you guys have to interact with each other.

The bottom line is that this is just a game and why do we play games? To have fun. If you’re having fun playing the game, congratulations!




3 Responses

  1. I think the best comparison to “winning at WoW” is “winning at life”. Everyone can see quite clearly it’s nearly impossible to truly “win at life” unless you end up elected Empress of the Universe and cure all forms of death and stop all war simultaneously. It’s just not possible 🙂

    The gist of the matter, as you have so wonderfully pointed out, is that if you’re happy you’ve won! Both in life and in WoW 🙂

    It’s so great to be surrounded by all you winners!!

  2. Definitely agree! I don’t know how you could define winning at WoW, but I’m sure the answers would be all over the board.

    Personally if I’ve had fun that day and feel that I’ve accomplished something then it was a win!

  3. I love you. I agree wholeheartedly.

    even though I still believe that “its only a game, get over it” stems from simple jealousy of not being able to do what the person, that it was aimed at, can 😛

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