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Is The Grass Greener?; and A Non-WoW Farewell

I don’t like doing multiple posts the same day because I’m deprived an opportunity of a post for tomorrow, but this one can’t wait for two reasons. Let’s get the WoW related stuff out of the way first.

Is The Grass Greener?

green_grassSome of you may be wondering how I’ve been doing since the change over to a new server and a new guild with a TOTAL lack of repsponsibility and based on what happened last night I think I owe you an update after all my belly-aching.

So is the grass greener over here? Based on last night, yes.

I haven’t been really active in this guild yet. I had been to two of their raids before last night. I went to their first 25-man Naxx raid last week, but was unable to continue on Monday due to personal issues. Last night we went back in and for the first time in a long time, I had fun.

Last night saw the introduction of the new DKP system for 25-man raids (something I’ve never wanted to see or do), some raid drama, and 2.5 hour raid that was late in getting started yet we still downed 2 quarters and Patch.

Brotherhood of Oblivion’s DKP System

I tried DKP once. It was a disaster. I won’t go into the details of why, but I think I know why. My guild’s system may or may not be unique, but I haven’t read about one that’s quite like this.

First, everyone started out with 100 DKP which is a one time thing. You gained an extra 50 DKP for each of the two raids you attended last week, also a one time thing. So I started out with 150 DKP. Each boss we down is worth 20 DKP and a first time kill is worth 30 DKP. If you were interested in an item you typed ‘1’ in chat. Those people would then whisper their bids to the Loot Master.

Going off of memory, Weapons/Shields are a minimum 50 DKP, Plate/Mail/Leather/Cloth are 25 DKP, Back items are 30 DKP, Trinkets 20 DKP, Tier Tokens are 50 DKP, and other items are 20 DKP. Don’t quote me! All bids must be in increments of 5 DKP to make math easy.

After the first round bid, the Loot Master announces the highest bid and asks for a second round. Anyone, including the highest bidder can bid again. That person wins it. The winner then loses his DKP, but the DKP is then split evenly among those that lost the bid. I lost a bid on Tier shoulders and gained 50 DKP when the winner bid 150 DKP and three of us lost the bid. There is a cap at 1000 DKP. Should everyone get to that point eventually we’ll just cut the DKP in half to keep it going. So far it looks like a system that will work. There’s more to it, but it’ll all get posted eventually.


dramallamaI’m wondering if it’s impossible to ever get 25 people into one room and not have drama?

Last night we had a druid leave vent, hearth to Dalaran, leave raid, and quit guild. What happened? Evidently she wanted to bid on a particular 1H weapon that dropped. She’s boomkin. It was a melee weapon. I don’t think she understood that and I expect she’ll be back in the guild when things are smoothed over, but who knows. From everything I’ve been told she’s a very nice lady, but isn’t always high on dps so may not be the most knowledgeable of players. If she really is that nice, I hope she comes back because I’m at a point where I’d rather raid with nice people that aren’t “the best” over jerks.

There’s also someone in our guild that gets more than his fair share of ribbing. It appears to be in good fun, but not knowing the history and from a outsider point of view, it gets pretty rude. Anyway, someone spoke up in his defense last night and asked for it to stop. There was a tense feeling in the air for a little bit after that.

Man I wish I took screenshots! I’m not a screenshot fanatic and rarely remember to do so. But there was one conversation that I can’t do justice. Amber had whispered me joking about how much fun the drama was and I responded that she had no idea how happy I was to no longer be an officer. She then told the raid that I was laughing because I no longer had to deal with all of this, which some of them may or may not have understood. 🙂

The Greener Grass

The best thing about it really is the lack of responsibility for anything other than myself. Minor drama was happening all around me and yet none of it affected me. I was happy to switch vanity pets, run around jumping like an idiot, and wait on loot distribution.  In <ICESTORM> someone quitting the guild would have upset me, loot complaints would have pushed me over the edge, and someone saying “$%^& YOU, AMBER!” in raid chat would have me on the /gkick button faster than you can say it.

Thing is, it isn’t my responsibility so it was water on a duck’s back. None of it affected me. For the first time in ages, I actually enjoyed going to a raid. My only disappointment was we downed Plague and Spider wings plus Patchwerk in 2.5 hours and only because loot took time to distribute. The best thing about this guild seems to be the lack of AFKs or at least unexplained AFKs. We still continued on without people and 23 and 24 manned some bosses. Once we are accustomed to the loot method, it’ll go much faster, which means we’ll probably get 3 wings down in 2.5 hours! 🙂

A Non-WoW Farewell

natasha_richardsonI hate to leave any post on a down note, but I felt this was important to leave for last. I want to pay my respects to one of my favorite actresses. Many of you probably already know about the passing of Natasha Richardson yesterday afternoon. I always liked her work, but after Parent Trap I absolutely fell in love with her! I have fond memories of the original (also was in love with Maureen O’Hara as a kid and told my wife yesterday I probably still am).

Natasha was a very accomplished actress and nothing I can say will do her justice. I wish her family all the best through this tough time and we’ll miss you Natasha!


Casual. Hardcore. It’s All Semantics

“Casual guilds contain fine examples of players like DKs who show up in spell damage gear.”Amber.

Casual. Hardcore. It’s All Semantics.

Any time someone talks about a Casual Raiding Guild, someone inevitably says they don’t exist. I’m here to refute that. Casual Raiding Guilds exist. There are those that succeed and those that fail.

My blog is entitled Casual Hardcore because I believe in and want to be in a casual guild with a “hardcore” approach to raiding. As noted in the comments to Amber’s post this would probably fall in with Brent’s Medium Intensity Raiding Guild.

What it boils down to is semantics. What does casual and what does hardcore really mean?

Many of us think the negative things about “casual” players when thinking about raiding. They don’t come repaired, missing enchants/gems, have no gold, pots, elixirs, flasks, or buffs, etc. These are true. These are descriptions of some casual players, but only some. Casual can also mean laid back.

Ultimately for me casual means not dictating how or when I play. If I want to try a new spec, then that’s my prerogative and everyone else can keep quiet about it. If I don’t want to gem or enchant a certain way, then shut up and leave me alone. If I decide I only want to raid one night a week instead of four, then that’s also my choice and I don’t want to be /gkicked for it.

Here’s where the misconception begins.

Since they don’t dictate to me how or when to play, then I don’t get to dictate to them if or when I get to play. That’s right IF and I’m not talking Ironforge!!! If I don’t perform, regardless of whether it’s due to spec, gems, enchants, buffs, repairs, afks, or a complete lack of understanding what the hell I’m doing, then I shouldn’t expect to be invited to raids.

I once heard that “hardcore” is defined as anyone that plays more than you. Maybe this is true, maybe it’s not. I’ve never thought coming prepared to a raid with everything you need, not going afk, and knowing your toon was “hardcore”, but I’ve known my fair share of people that do. So I’m “hardcore” in that I expect people to know their toons, come prepared, and perform in whatever role/spec/gear they have.

I suppose the negative side of hardcore to me is anyone that takes this game way too seriously. These are the guys that can’t help but cuss people out on vent for mistakes. That’s not an environment I want to be in and one of smaller reasons I ended up leaving my old guild. It was a path they were headed down and one that many are OK with, but I’m not.

I wrote about respect once. It goes both ways. As a raider you have to respect others by being prepared and knowing your role. As a leader you have to respect those you’re leading by knowing when and how to call someone out for a mistake and knowing when to let it slide. Believe it or not you can call someone out for a mistake without yelling and cussing them out in front of 23 other people.

There’s No Reason Not To Come Prepared

“I forgot.”
“I don’t have time to farm.”
“I just logged in.”
“I’m broke.”

These are all excuses and not reasons. If you have to use that excuse, then quit being a burden on others and stop raiding.