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Sunday Play-by-Play

7:20am – On the way to Sholazar Basin. Just missed the Wintergrasp battle, but showed up in time to see the stragglers. To the Death Knight whose name I cannot remember (and who inspired this post); revenge is sweet for those who get ganked while mining Titanium Ore.

7:30am – Mining Sholazar Basin. Word of advice for Cooperg. I may be a holy pally, but trying to gank me while at half health, regardless of your Core Hound was a really stupid idea, especially considering it did little-to-no damage to me while you were running away. Oh and if you didn’t think I was gonna look for you when you got away, you should have healed up before trying to go back to farming. 🙂

7:52am – Wow, already found 3 Titanium nodes. No one’s up this early. 🙂

7:58am – It’s interesting to note that I could make more money in WoW AND in RL without kids…  🙂

8:02am – Starting to see a lot of other farmers, mostly Horde. It figures. 😦

8:11am – I wonder how long it’ll take to get rid of all the red circles on my mini-map from Gatherer? (They all changed red when I switched servers.)

8:22am – Two more Titanium nodes!!! Everyone keeps telling me mine Icecrown, but I never have as much success there. I always see more nodes in Sholazar.

8:27am – Total farm count: 133 Saronite Ore, 16 Titanium Ore, 1.9 Eternal Fire, 1.2 Eternal Air, 3 Eternal Shadow, 3.6 Eternal Earth, 1 Chalcedony, 1 Sun Crystal, 1 Huge Citrine. Roughly 250-300g in one hour once I sell it on the AH and that’s including several kid interruptions amounting to roughly 15-20 minutes worth of delays. Maybe not the most efficient, but fairly easy and more money than dailies.

8:31am – On my way back to Dalaran. Saving my hearth and found another Titanium node!

8:41am – Invited to 25 man VoA.

9:11am – I’ve never wiped twice on VoA…well…before today…

9:33am – Finally!!! Valorous Redemption Gauntlets dropped. 1 Prot pally and 3 Holy. Rolled against another Holy pally and lost. Mysteriously Areses (the Raid Leader, Master Looter, and prot pally) goes offline right before pally gets his gloves. How much you wanna bet that he logs back in later and ninjas it? Druid also lost out on his item since he “dc’d” before awarding that item. Both players put in tickets.

9:37am – Found The Schools of Arcane Magic – Abjuration in Dalaran Visitor Center! First time ever seeing a book there. 🙂 One more book to go.

9:56am – I really have to stop healing with Hook of the Master Angler equipped…

9:59am – 665 / 700 Kalimdor quests finished. Where are another 35?! Really don’t want to do old dungeon quests, which I don’t have 35 left anyway. 😦 Time to go clean house and start studying for my LEED AP exam anyway.

I play a lot less WoW than I used to. Just under 3 hours here on Sunday. A few weeks ago I was playing almost all day Saturday and Sunday, usually 10 hours/day. It’s kinda nice. 🙂


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  1. Ky, lol. Looks like 24 WoW style.

  2. You and your hook…me and my piccolo…

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