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Search Terms


Sometimes WordPress tools provide me with some amusement.

Things people look for often crack me up not because they’re weird terms (OK some are weird), but rather because I’ve done the same. Hell I probably wrote about it or they wouldn’t find me. Sometimes the search terms are cut short as the WordPress report has a character limit which provides even more humor. Here’s a list of recent ones that cracked me up:

  • is it possible to make a game master tic – only if you wind him tight!
  • does what comes around really go around? – only with boomerangs!
  • wrath of the lich king boring too easy – amen brother!
  • world of warcraft losing casual players – wow what server do you play on?!
  • are pallys good healers – pallies are excellent healers! it’s the players that suck! 🙂
  • if i gquit and am guild leader what happ – they burned you out!
  • easy way to be able to go to naxx – hit 80. pay a guild to carry you.
  • what is naxx? – I sure hope you’re not level 80.
  • “afk” “diarrhea” wow – sorta speechless and are you serious?!!!!
  • big brother hard core – giving the reality stars weapons.
  • how to motivate a raiding guild – bribes.

and that’s just this last week! 🙂

*And no I hate reality TV and have never seen Big Brother. Biggest Loser is about the only show I can watch and not for more than 5 minutes.